[Spoiler] Reaper of Souls Secret Level, New Demon Hunter Visual Tier, Over 140 Legendary Screenshots

[Spoiler] Reaper of Souls Secret Level
Be warned, this is a major spoiler. Do not read further if you don't want to be spoiled.

Well it turns out, as you progress into the Nephalem Rifts, there's a slim chance you might end up in a level that is inhabited by certain humanoid bovine creatures. Yep. Check out the video below for their full glory.

Also relevant, if you happen to not know, the person in the video is none other than KingKongor. He's a pretty famous Diablo III streamer and has released quite a lot of quality material since the start of the game. He also happens to be preparing for a 24 hour marathon! Check out his stream here.

New Demon Hunter Visual Tier
Blizzard have released a visual Tier set for the Demon Hunter in Reaper of Souls! It features, what seem like, Diablo inspired horns. It also reminds slightly of a World of Warcraft set as well.

Over 140 Legendary Screenshots
We took our time and we managed to get over 140 screenshots of Legendary items from Reaper of Souls. They are as high level as possible, preferably with the minimum and maximum rolls displayed on the tooltip and surprisingly, most are new! And no, these are not all of the Legendary items, not even close. But that's what we managed to find so far.


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