Diablo III Remote Play on PS Vita, More Details on Adventure Mode, Few More Details on Expansion Features

Diablo III Remote Play on PS Vita
Turns out you can use Remote Play to access Diablo III on your PS Vita! All you need is a copy of the game on PS4 and, of course, a PS Vita.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

While we have no plans at this time to bring Diablo III fully to the PS Vita, Remote Play with the PS Vita will be supported for DIII: Ultimate Edition on the PS4. If you're interested, you can even catch D3 Production Director John Hight using the feature here: https://twitter.com/...073137590530048

More Details on Adventure Mode
Grimiku and Lylirra gave a few more details about Bounties, Nephalem Rifts and Adventure Mode in general. Turns out you get a Rift Keystone when you clear a whole Act-worth of Bounties. Does this seem too rare or not rare enough?

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I don't have any announcements to make about challenges, but I wanted to clarify a little bit about Bounties. Adventure Mode will offer a number of Bounties in every Act. These Bounties will be random, and require you to kill a particular monster, clear a dungeon, kill a boss, or finish an event to complete. They also offer a chance to be rewarded with a Legendary item.

The idea of teleporting or entering a completely randomized dungeon from monster types, number of bosses, environment, tile sets and lighting\effects was an amazing idea.
The dungeon experience you're describing is still in Reaper of Souls, but they're now called Nephalem Rifts. Currently, you enter a Nephalem Rift from any town while playing in Adventure Mode, but you'll need a Rift Keystone to do it. You can get the Rift Keystones from completing Bounties, or as a random drop. Also, check out all of the details in our Adventure Mode blog if you'd like.

Bounties reset in every new game.
Bounties are totally randomized - all players will have their own bounties (regardless of Act)
Bounties are a one-time kill in each game, but there will be a new different bounty if you make a new game.
Correct! Basic rundown is (as of current design, at least):

- You create a new game in Adventure Mode.
- You'll get 25 random bounties, 5 in each Act.
- Once you complete a bounty, it's no longer available for that game.
- You'll get rewards for completing individual bounties, rewards for completing a set of bounties within a single Act, and rewards for completing all 25 bounties in a single game.
- Whenever you create a new game, you'll get a completely new, randomized set of 25 bounties.
- Bounty progress will not translate from game to game.

Still lots of tuning going on for this at the moment, so it's possible that some of the details may change before it ships, especially how and when rewards are distributed.

And, as far as I understand, I thought you received a rift keystone for each completed bounty. It could be that you need to complete all 5 in an act to receive a rift keystone, but this is not anything I've heard or read so far. There are also no other ways to receive the keystones at the moment, as far as I know.
Currently (and this is still changing on a daily basis), you'll receive a Rift Keystone for completing a set of bounties within a given Act. They'll also have the opportunity to randomly drop from monsters within the world while in Adventure Mode.

Like I noted above, how and when we drop Keystones will ultimately depend on how rewarding Nephalem Rifts end up being. If Nephalem Rifts are super rewarding and lucrative, then we may not hand out Keystones all that frequently. Conversely, if Nephalem Rifts aren't super rewarding and lucrative (and instead fall somewhere in the middle), they we may hand out Keystones at a much more frequent clip. Overall difficulty is also a factor. Our tuning at the moment is focused on finding the right balance between the three.

So, on that note, what would you guys prefer?

- Would you like Nephalem Rifts to be really, really rewarding, but in return not be able to run them as frequently?

- Or would you like Nephalem Rifts to be somewhat rewarding, but in return you get the opportunity to run them more often?

Few More Details on Expansion Features
Nevalistis answered a few fan questions regarding some of the features coming with Reaper of Souls. Later in the topic Lylirra also mentioned a few details about Bounties and Unique monsters.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hoo boy, this is gonna be a long one. Bear with me.

1) More events and redone existing events.
There are oodles upon oodles of really stunning events and "cellars" (as described in our Westmarch preview here) in Reaper of Souls. Events and randomized dungeons have a huge focus, especially with Adventure Mode and Nephalem Rifts, and a lot of older events are revisited in these features.

2) 'Purple' monsters being awesome.
The bosses that spawn at the end of a Nephalem Rift run are pretty unique and challenging, even more so if they decide to spawn while you're engaged with other monsters. Needless to say, fighting them is a very different experience and it brings its own set of compelling rewards.

4) More specialized builds possible.
One of many goals with Loot 2.0 is to encourage build diversity through legendary affixes. There's so many that just scream "Hey, give these runes or powers a try" when maybe you hadn't considered them before.

As an example, Wyatt stopped by the Community Booth to chat with players and mentioned a belt that (currently) causes Health Globes to explode for a percentage weapon damage when they're picked up. Just the concept of that makes me excited to tinker with my Barbarian's skills and see how I can best capitalize on that. Ultimately I will end up in a very different place well outside my comfort zone when I'm normally pretty stubborn in changing my ways. ;P

One piece of loot really can change the way you look at your character, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the kinds of builds the community comes up with as they experiment with the new legendary abilities.

5) A survival bonus rather than a death penalty.
This was mentioned at one of the Q&A's at BlizzCon. I believe it's something being looked at, though we don't have plans to share at this time.

6) *LOTS* of legendaries and sets to find.
Oh my goodness, there are so many. Like, so, so many. I don't math so good, so I don't have a number on hand, but between a slew of brand new items and revisiting and redesigning current legendaries, there will be so much to play with and collect! As a fellow pack rat, I'm looking forward to not just looting some powerful gear, but fun and quirky things too!

8) A way to unlock runes faster.
Hm. Interesting thought. Happy to pass it along.

11) Diminishing returns on trifecta.
Trifecta is being looked at. To quote Wyatt, "We don't want to take away trifecta, instead we want to provide you with more options." It's not always necessarily about making the most commonly used stats worse, but the ones that are less utilized better.

I think... if I put any more in this particular post, it might explode. =X

The bosses that spawn at the end of a Nephalem Rift run are pretty unique and challenging, even more so if they decide to spawn while you're engaged with other monsters. Needless to say, fighting them is a very different experience and it brings its own set of compelling rewards.
Also, don't forget that we're adding quite a few more unique (i.e. purple) monsters to Adventure Mode as targets for Bounties! Mira Eamon and Jondar are just two examples of new uniques in the game. >.>

Those aren't new uniques -_- haha. Or do you just mean they're old uniques in a new location?
My question: do the purple uniques for bounties have revamped abilities/powers? Hopefully Mira Eamon won't just stand around and puke or w/e it is she currently does. Unless she's a lvl 1 easy-mode bounty. (that would be neat if Bounties themselves had random difficulty levels that were listed next to each one on the bounty-board...)
Technically, they are new in that they've been reworked for the Bounty system (they also won't always be where you encountered them originally). Same names, different experience! Let me follow up with Stephen Wong tomorrow and I'll be able to give you a few more detailed examples on how they differ. :)


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