First Console Reviews And Discount, Malthael Animated Wallpaper, Diablo Classes Fan Art

First Console Reviews And Discount
The first reviews for the Console version of Diablo 3 are up and they're very positive! In fact, not one of them goes below 80% so far. There is just 1 day left and if you're still having doubts about buying the game you can read some of the reviews below! Note that some of them are in other languages.

To make things even better, if you happen to live in the US Toys'R'Us have a discount on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions! They're currently on sale for $44.99.

Game Informer - 9.25/10
Vandal - 8.7/10
3DJuegos - 8.8/10
LaPS3 - 85/100
EGM - 8.5/10
PlayStation Official Magazine UK - 8/10
Eurogamer - 9/10
Eurogamer Italy - 9/10
NowGamer - 8/10
Official Xbox Magazine - 9/10
Gamesurf - 9/10
GamesVillage - 8.9/10

Malthael Animated Wallpaper
Friday we posted about the new Reaper of Souls wallpaper, featuring Malthael. Today we'd like to bring attention to its animated counterpart. YouTube user and DiabloFans member Tuskrat has created this absolutely awesome video, that people can use as their background.

He also has a fine collection of other Blizzard themed animated wallpapers, including the one featuring all classes last year, Arthas, Chen Stormstout and Illidan Stormrage! Visit his channel in YouTube for download links.

In order to install a video background on your desktop you'll need a freeware program called Dreamscene (does not work for Windows 8). After installing it simply right click on the video file as select "Set as Desktop background", just as you would with an image.

Diablo Classes Fan Art
Forum user Laccer has created some really nice fan art for the 5 current classes in Diablo 3! Here are some of his creations below. You can find all of them in his topic, located here. Don't forget to drop him some feedback!


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