New Reaper of Souls Info, Blue Posts, Console Version Playtesting Highlights and Review

New Reaper of Souls Info
Lyllira is back with more info on D3's expansion Reaper of Souls which she shares on Twitter by answering players' questions. We gathered a few of the important/interesting tweets that you can check out below and why not even ask Lylirra a question of your own?

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

If I keep a rare ilvl 43 item and reroll an affix on it, does the item upgrade to ilvl 70?
Currently, only the item affix would roll at your character's level. The iLvl itself wouldn't change.

Some players are wondering if a weapon's DPS can be rerolled as well (I'm also curious).
@Jaetch Good question! Don't know. Will have to find out for you. (I imagine that info will be included in whatever big update we provide.)

Are reroll attempts limited or can we reroll as much as we want per item?
@Jaetch TBD! (Saw that question over on the forums and @redditdiablo too.) (Source)

Any details or word on whether past dead HC champs, archived or otherwise, will be factored into Paragon 2.0?
@Marvel_Mills Nope! The feature is still in development, so many details are not yet finalized. Once they are, we'll definitely share them. (Source)

do we have to purchase RoS later, or the expansion gonna be free to play?
@HalimAndrew1 In order to access content specific to Reaper of Souls, players will need to purchase the expansion pack. (Price details TBD.) (Source)

Vendors in ROS - more meaningful later in game? Unique items / reason to visit them? How about the healer?
@Aroyoc Re: both your posts. Stay tuned! We've got a lot more details to share about the expansion in the coming weeks/months. (Source)

any chance to see gems (and crafting materials) stocking up to more than 100 units in RoS? They take too much inventory space...
@pikkediablo Don't know off-hand, but that's definitely something I can check on/forward on to our developers. :) (Source)

Has there been any discussion on changing the way NV works? Current system is restrictive, denies build experimentation.
@DMJops Some discussion, yes. Absolutely! No changes have been finalized though. :)(Source)

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Loot 2.0 Clarifications
Loot 2.0 is following a "less is more" philosophy and I think that a lot of people will find that it will feel like a nice improvement to the game. That being said, we should never forget that this is a Diablo game, which means that it is about hunting for loot and as such the loot will never stop dropping :-)

As in the previous Diablo games, gear upgrades will become less frequent over time as your character progress and acquires better and better gear. At some point around the time when your character is all maxed out and fully equipped with great legendaries, you will be more likely to find a good sidegrade than a good upgrade, but thanks to loot 2.0 as well as the Mystic, you will have some more interesting options to adjust and improve your gear.

Once loot 2.0 is out, drops will be less "spammy" than they are currently, and the loot that will drop will more likely be something that you can find some use for, even if it is just for enchanting or transmogrification.

Transmogrification will work on legendary's right? (looks at dyes)
That has still to be determined, so I'm afraid I cannot give you an answer to this question just yet. There are a lot of items in the game, so the developers have a lot of stuff to parse through before they are able to decide on which items will be eligible for transmogrification to begin with.

Since Vaneras is around i have a quick question: Loot 2.0 and the new level cap will come at the same time right!?
The current plan is that loot 2.0 and other major system changes will come in a patch sometime before the expansion (exactly when has yet to be determined), but the new level cap will require the expansion. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Still Nothing Concrete on PVP
I am so confused because blizzard is talking so much about the expansion but they didn't mention anything about PvP
We did mention a few things about PvP during gamescom, but not a lot because there is not much to say about PvP at this moment in time.

We are still exploring different game types, but there are not any concrete plans to add an additional PvP mode in Reaper of Souls. When we are sure that we can deliver a PVP experience that feels meaningful to the game, that is also of high quality as well as fun to play, then we can assure you guys that you will be the first to know.

Not so long ago, Wyatt Cheng and Josh Mosqueira talked a little about PvP in different fansite interviews, so you might want to check out the following links if you would like to know more about what has been said so far about PvP in Diablo III:
http://www.diablofan...full-interview/ (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Console Version Playtesting Highlights and Review
With only 4 days left to Diablo III's console version release, a lot of reviews and impressions already surfaced. ZiggyDStarcraft was among the lucky Diablo players who playtested the console version in Sydney and was kind enough to post three videos about it today. One of them is highlights from the playtesting he had the chance to do, the second one is a review of what he had the chance to try, and the third one is the full playtesting session (more than an hour long) that you can also watch on YouTube.

Here is what he says about the experience:

DiabloFans Quote:

Recently myself along with the TwoAwesomeGamers & TheGamerSheep were invited to playtest the console version of Diablo III. We had a chance to play the game for a couple of hours and here are the gameplay highlights of that session!

Having played the PC version of the game extensively myself I was curious to find out how well it could be ported over to consoles. I was impressed with the results and I probably had more fun playing with a couple of mates on a couch than I ever did by myself on the PC. The other guys were a mixture of PC and console gamers and they all really enjoyed it too.


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