[UPDATED] Watch D3's Expansion 'Reaper of Souls' teaser and opening cinematic!

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09:17 AM (EST) - Expansion Site is up!!!
09:00 AM (EST) - The 10-minute gameplay Crusader video is replaced with a better quality version!
8:59 AM (EST) - A screenshot of the Crusader's inventory added
8:29 AM (EST) - Blizzard confirms changes to game systems will come as a free patch!
8:26 AM (EST) - Lylirra answering Reaper of Souls questions on Twitter - Tweets added

Reaper of Souls Cinematic

Reaper of Souls Teaser

Official Site
The site looks pretty empty right now, but you can check out the female version of the Crusader there!

Here's what's new:

New Class - The Crusader
  • Inspired by the Paladin.
  • Focuses on Shields. Uses Flails as weapons.
  • Mid-range melee character.
  • Uses the resource "Wrath"
Added a video from Gamescom, courtesy of Mamytwink

Image Courtesy of Arreat.de

New Feature - Loot Runs
  • 15-20 minute completely random dungeons!
  • Random weather!
  • Random enemies!
  • Random boss!
  • Multitiered (severa levels deep)!

Loot 2.0
A comparison was given between how items in Act III drop now and how they'll drop in the expansion:
  • Now: 256 white, 399 blue, 275 yellow and one legendary items.
  • Then: 73 white items, 266 blue items, 83 yellow items and 7 legendary items!
  • Legendary will be build-changers as seen in the screenshots below
Image Courtesy of Diablo3.judgehype.com

Images Courtesy of Arreat.de

Image Courtesy of Diablo3.judgehype.com

The Mystic
  • Can Transmogrify items, so you don't have to sacrifice looks for power.
  • Item Enchanting - allows to reroll one of the affixes on a rare/legendary item.

New Level Cap - 70
  • Every class gets new Skills and Runes
  • Which means a fresh economy and new power-cap as well

New Act
  • Featuring what looks like Westmarch, with lots of graveyards and other fun places!

Major Paragon Changes
  • Is now Account wide.
  • No longer has a cap
  • Seems to have Stat Allocation tied to it
Image Courtesy of Diablo3.judgehype.com

New Monsters
New monsters are introduced - The Seraph, Summoner of the Dead, Executioner and Death Maiden.

Images Courtesy of Arreat.de

Lylirra Answering RoS Questions

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Interesting, seems you 'Assign' Paragon Points to a character. So you earn them with 1 hero but can put them onto another? #D3RoS
@Narull Correct. All normal characters on an account will share a Paragon level, same for Hardcore, as well as earned Paragon Points. (Twitter)

What about dying in HC? How will that affect your paragon levels? Loss of applied points to that specific character?
@eikEn_ @Narull No loss of points or level in those situations. Benefit of it now being account-wide rather than character-specific. :) (Twitter)

Any estimates on release date at this point? I'd assume 2nd-3rd Quarter 2014.
@FallenHeavens No release date info to share right now. That's pretty typical, though! (Twitter)

But what do paragon points do? can they only be used once on each hero? do they add stats or?
@Narull It's a customization system. Paragon Points can be spent on various stats like STR/VIT/DEX/INT, movement speed, crit chance, etc. (Twitter)

also, what happens to the people who've already leveled up in Paragon?
@peli_can_flip Bonuses are retroactive. I.E. If you have two p100 heroes right now, the current plan is that you'd have 200 points in ROS. (Twitter)

Will the Crusader be STR based class?
@Twinkeyzzz1 That's the plan! (Twitter)

So dark and creepy love it! also gives wallpaper size of Malthael :D
@Malithras @mumper There will definitely be epic wallpapers in the near future. Seriously. I'm excited just thinking about them. :D (Twitter)

PS - I gots a sweet new t-shirt. #gamescom2013 #ReaperOfSouls #giggity pic.twitter.com/BU61sQhR7G (Twitter)

great news Lyli !! P500 people wont feel bad when they hear this :) P330 here, might get to 500 until RoS.
@DBraveZ Feature is still being developed, so some details might change. Just stay tuned; we'll be sharing more info in the coming months! (Twitter)

Changes to Game Systems Will Come as a Free Patch
Our caring member TheLordOfTerror shared with us the great news that players won't have to buy the expansion in order to get the game system changes like the new Paragon system for example. Here is the info:

DiabloFans Quote:

Polish Diablo III Community Manager, Wuluxar, has confirmed that changes made to the game systems will be available to all Diablo III players as a free patch:

Forum user: “It’s likely that when the expansion comes out (or shortly before that) there will be a 2.0 patch.”

Wuluxar (Blizzard): “Changes to the game systems will come in a patch preceeding the release of the expansion – they will be available to all players, including the ones that don’t have the expansion (of course for free).”


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