[Updated] Blizzard's Gamescom Stream, A Detailed Look at D3's Booth, Leads to Expansion Trailer Confirmation

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3:25 AM (EST) - A new photo of D3's booth was posted by Lyllira an hour before Blizzard's press-conference at gamescom.

3:30 AM (EST) - A new huge picture of D3's gamescom setting was just posted on Diablo's Facebook.

3:40 AM (EST) - Blizzard just shared the link to their gamescom video stream, but so far it looks like the press conference is not included in their open schedule, so the stream will start tomorrow with the regular activities planned for the convention.

Get Ready for gamescom!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We’re almost there! The world’s largest games convention opens its doors in just a couple of days, and we’re looking forward to welcoming players from all over the world to our booth.
  • You want games? We’ve got games. Come along and play Diablo III on PC and PlayStation III – yep, you can bring along some friends, settle into the sofas and bash some demons, co-op style. Heard about Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft? Our deceptively simple, incredibly fun strategy card game is waiting for you to try it out. And whether you’ve never tried World of Warcraft, or you’re a hardened player itching to get a look at Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar, we’ve got the latest build of World of Warcraft on offer.
  • You want entertainment? We’ve got that too. Bringing music in the style of – and some directly from – our games, we’ll have four live concerts from two exciting groups. The world-renowned Blizzard costume contest takes place on Saturday, and is always a spectacular experience – as is the World of Warcraft dance contest, taking place on Sunday. Come along to cheer on some of the bravest gamers anywhere! We’ll also have show matches between top pro StarCraft II players, live WoW raids, expert insight into Hearthstone, and much more.
  • You want loot? You can’t handle all our loot! With the regular quizzes, WoW leveling contests, StarCraft II Arcade Map Challenges, Mega Bloks building contests, and dance and costume contests, there’ll be literally hundreds of happy players going home with armfuls of great goodies from Blizzard, SteelSeries, J!NX, Dell, Mega Bloks and Panini. Check out our new Partners page to find out more!
  • You want eSports? Throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the StarCraft II WCS Season 2 Finals will be building up to an explosive finish in Hall 8, just a short walk from the Blizzard booth. 16 of the world’s best players will be battling for glory and their share of $150,000 – check this out to get in the mood!
Blizzard staff are heading towards Cologne, Germany right now, getting ready for a memorable week. We’d love to meet you at our booth, so check the schedule, and come see us there!

A Detailed Look at D3's Booth
Yesterday Lyllira was so good as to give us a sneak peek at D3's gamescom booth. Today it was not only her, but also Diablo's official twitter account and D3's game director Josh Mosqueira.
Have a look and let us know if you spot any interesting interior details today as well.

Also, our forum member Jaetch shared a great tool that counts down the time to Blizzard's announcement since it's very hard for the whole world to calculate the scheduled 11:30 AM CEST.

Leads to Expansion Trailer Confirmation
Our fellow forum member DamienJohn has made a few very interesting observations that he shared on the official forums regarding the possible display of D3's first expansion trailer. Among the newest ratings added to the German Rating Board are 'D3, D3C & D3XP', a.k.a. 'Diablo 3, Diablo 3 Console & Diablo 3 Expansion'.
Here is his post and stay tuned, because DabloFans will be covering Blizzard's attendance the whole time during gamescom!

DiabloFans Quote:

So the German Ratings Board, USK, has just been updated with some new ratings and among them;

D3, D3C & D3XP

(Diablo 3, Diablo 3 Console & Diablo 3 Expansion)


The trailers are classified as Gamescon specific so it's now virtually confirmed we will be seeing a Reaper of Souls trailer (cinematic?) during Gamescon.

My guess is that it will be screened during the press conference and then released online around the same time.


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