Glance at D3's Gamescom Booth, Interview With Josh Mosqueira, UnidColor's Diablo 2 Fan Art

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Glance at D3's Gamescom Booth
Lylirra is already at (what is going to be) gamescom in Cologne, Germany and was so good as to give us a sneak peek at D3's booth which looks very, very promising! Click on the image to check the original and let us know if you spot interesting details the way reddit's Diablo community did. What are your expectations for one of the biggest game conventions in the world?

New Interview With Josh Mosqueira
A Polish Diablo fan site made an interview with D3's game designer Josh Mosqueira and although it's not a long one, it has some pretty interesting highlights. For example, have a look at the quoted question and answer and then make sure to read the whole interview here.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Console version of Diablo III offers some additional features that increase the dynamic of the gameplay (such as evade moves or new inventory management system etc.). Do you think that any of those console-specific features would translate well into PC version?
Great question! I say when people get to try out the game in a few weeks I want to hear from our players what console features they would like to see make its way to PC. Some, like Nephalem Glory could be simple changes we could think about. Others are more complicated and might even be out of the question, like Evade. Personally, I hope we can bring over the Item Queue.

UnidColor's Diablo 2 Fan Art
A breathtaking collection of Diablo 2 fan art lurks for some time now in DeviantArt's limitless grounds. The talented user Swedish artist UnidColor has made several contributions to D2's rework - his style shows us what the game's art could've looked like had it been made today.

As a start, have a look at his awesome Claw Viper Temple recreation:

... then enjoy his Maggot lair depiction...

... and lastly, feast your eyes with the candy that these Thorned Hulk, Fetish Shaman and Giant Mosquito present to us.

As always, let us know if you liked them, in the comments! And you can even make UnidColor happy by showing him his talent and efforts are appreciated by dropping a comment on his deviantArt as well.


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