DiabloFans Interview With the Diablo 3 Team, Blue Posts, BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest

DiabloFans Interview With the Diablo 3 Team
DiabloFans will be hosting an interview with game developers Josh Mosqueira, Travis Day and Wyatt Cheng tomorrow, Thursday morning. We've prepared with a very good number of questions, but you're free to share your own, which might get answered as well! Stick around!

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Preferences Are the Same on Console
Damage Numbers on Console. Are they shown?
We kept a lot of the options in the console version of Diablo III that you currently have, including damage numbers, advanced tooltips, health bars, and elective mode. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The Nephalem Valor Icon
For anyone who never noticed, the Nephalem Valor icon is actually a picture of a dead dinosaur with a sword going through his neck. A closer look reveals that some of his scales are morphing into gold. You can actually find the larger icon at the bottom of the link below.
As a connoisseur of all things dinosaur, I can assure you that the Nephalem Valor icon you mentioned is actually a very dead Treasure Goblin with loot spilling out of his bag.

To be entirely fair, I hadn't actually stopped to consider the Nephalem Valor icon very carefully until you mentioned it, so it seems like a fun little Diablo III fact to me. Thanks for bringing it up! :) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Some Services Are Slowed Down Due to Maintenance
Hi Polarbear, currently our maintenance on the authentication servers is preventing us from seeing some of the account details. In a bit, when this has been resolved please submit a ticket with the request for us to look into this for you through our support portal.

You may not be able to access the portal or submit the ticket until the maintenance has been concluded. Thanks for your patience in the meanwhile, we'll be happy to help you get this sorted out. (Blue Tracker/ Official Forums)

Enter the BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

An exciting new contest is coming to this year’s show: the BlizzCon2013 Talent Contest! Blizzard gamers are an incredibly talented bunch, and this is your opportunity to shine a spotlight on your skills and celebrate Blizzard gaming culture along with BlizzCon attendees and viewers from around the world.

Can you play the Diablo theme on a 12-string guitar? Can you sing Lament of the Highborn? Are you the living embodiment of Sarah Kerrigan? Does your band play a Blizzard-themed song you can’t wait for everyone to hear? Well, we can’t wait to watch you act, sing, dance, and strut your stuff live on stage at BlizzCon 2013!

To be considered, you’ll need to create a 2-minute video of you (or your band, troupe, or what have you) performing your Blizzard-themed talent, post it on YouTube, and submit a link (or if you’re part of a troupe, have your troupe’s spokesperson upload it). Below are some examples of the kind of acts we have in mind.

Remember, what follows are just some ideas and guidelines. We know you have skills we haven’t even dreamed of, so surprise us! We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing you in action.
  • Drama! Re-enact a scene or monologue from a Blizzard game
  • Comedy! Make us laugh Blizzard-inspired stand-up or sketch comedy
  • Music! Perform an instrumental or vocal cover of a Blizzard song, or write and perform your own original composition
  • Dance! Come up with an original dance routines set to Blizzard music or original Blizzard-themed compositions
Please don’t limit yourself, and don’t be afraid to show us your best, because we aren’t selecting finalists based on any pre-existing categories. Instead finalists will be selected based on talent, live performance (remember, you could be performing on stage!), humor, entertainment, originality, creativity, and strong Blizzard theming.

Submissions are now open, so check out the rules, then head over to the contest page (scroll down) to sign up.

Please feel free to email any questions you might have to BlizzConContest@blizzard.com!

See you in the limelight!


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