Diablo III Console Featured Highlights, Video Interview with Josh Mosqueira, Even More Interviews for the Console Version of D3

Diablo III Console Featured Highlights
Blizzard have released an official video showing some of the highlights of the game on the PlayStation 3.

Video Interview with Josh Mosqueira
A video interview with Josh Mosqueira was posted by BlizzPlanetGaming. Here are the highlights that we haven't yet taken out of other interviews:
  • The game will launch with all changes up to 1.0.7, but the two versions will likely not share all future updates. Conversion will be done on a case by case basis, depending on what feels good for each platform.
  • There is no Auction House on the console.
  • Characters will be able to be played both offline and online.
  • The console team formed 1 year before the game launched.
  • Every single skill is tweaked in some way to feel good on console.

Even More Interviews for the Console Version of D3
Two more text interviews have shown up! One of them is from the Chinese site d.163.com, which our member saintmek was awesome enough to translate! Here's an excerpt where Josh Mosqueira talks about the Health Globes that give Shrine buffs:

DiabloFans Quote:

Josh: Yes, this is an unique new thing on console. Because there is no Auction House in console version, so players will have some issue in terms of level up and method to acquire items, so we must provide something new to balance it. This change will help you during your gameplay. Also they provide the buff instantly is because we don't want player to return to the town very often to pickup this globes from their chest, which is damage your gameplay experience.

The other interview is with Mathew Berger and in it he reveals several interesting things. Check the summary below or just read the whole thing on Destructoid.
  • During Coop on a single screen loot will work like in Diablo 2 - all items will be visible by all players.
  • Enemy spawn waves and boss battles have had a bit of tuning.
  • Characters can be uploaded to the PS Cloud or carried on a USB stick to a friend's house.


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