1.0.7 50 Million Critical Mass Budget Guide, Crafted Item Stat Rolls, Witch Doctors and Attack Speed, Blue Posts

1.0.7 50 Million Critical Mass Budget Guide
ArchonInferno is back with his guides on how to become an awesome Wizard! This guide is for 50 million gold and ArchonInferno will be going through the entire process of picking items and explaining his reasoning for the choices made. Being from the US this time he has gone to the EU Auction House to compare the prices in the different regions.

Crafted Item Stat Rolls
A small clarification was posted to explain the difference between stat rolls on crafted and legendary items.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Every item slot has stats that can roll in that item slot, and only Legendary items are allowed to break those rules. That’s part of what makes that item “Legendary.” In this particular case, crafted Razorspikes and other Rare quality bracers cannot form with attack speed, but the Lacuni Prowlers can because that’s part of what’s “Legendary’ about them; Lacuni Prowlers can break that specific rule.

A good rule of thumb is that if you see an affix roll on Rare quality items in a particular item slot, it can potentially roll on Rare quality crafted items of that same slot as well.

Witch Doctors and Attack Speed
As it stands currently Witch Doctors don't seem to benefit from Attack Speed as much as other classes do. There is reasoning behind it.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

For what it's worth, I use Spirit Barrage - Well of Souls on my Hardcore Witch Doctor (who just killed Diablo in Inferno, yay). I like the fact that it goes over walls, can be quite effective at burning down single targets, and rocks at mopping up damaged monsters after a single cast of Acid Cloud - Acid Rain.

sorry i can't help myself. the cold day in hell thing is hilarious...and i know this will be read sooooo....

um, since you play a witch doctor I am sure you understand that IAS(increased attack speed) is not the best stat for them. and you also must notice that we are the only class that has main attacks that use up our resource instead of generating it like every other class(wiz is free), barb on hit and when hit, dh on attack, monk on hit.

and the more IAS we stack the faster we run out of mana. do you guys plan to fix this? like, how come my monk attacks faster and replenishes spirit faster, without having to worry about losing spirit from attacking too fast but my witch doctor I have to throttle all the time. we are the only class where it is a glaring issue. has anyone on your side noticed? is this intended?
sorry, i couldn't make it to ask the developers because im an adult and i have a job. but this golden opportunity i am not going to waste. thanks for your time
We’re aware of the unique resource challenge that Witch Doctors face, and how that can affect the desire for IAS. I would say that IAS is still valuable for Witch Doctors, but that value scales heavily with effective resource management, and that’s intentional.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Reasonable DPS to Aim For
I think 40k dps is more than enough to finish Inferno, but it’s not always about raw dps. I would say that your Barbarian and Wizard are both geared and specced well enough for the task, but it’s possible that your skills could be better tuned to sync with your play-style. That’s a call only you could make, though.

Earlier this month we highlighted some helpful hints from fellow Nephalem that you may find helpful, and those can be found here. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Reminder on Legendary Dyes
You're correct. :) Since we knew the process of going back and redoing textures on all the Legendaries to make them dye-compatible would take some time, we wanted to make sure that players could at least use Vanishing Dye on Legendary items for now.

You can read my original posts concerning dyes on Legendaries here and here. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Small Absence From Forums
The development team is absolutely hard at work on further improvements for Diablo III, but I'll toss you some food for thought: this past weekend was actually a holiday weekend here in the US, so many Blizzard Employees were away from the office enjoying time with friends and family.

Members of the Diablo III development team also aren't the ones posting on the forums. That responsibility lies on your friendly neighborhood Diablo III Community Managers, Lylirra, Grimiku, and myself. All throughout the week, we're busy with everything from posts here (many of which are not reflected in the "Latest Blizzard Posts," so you might have missed them), through to blogs,announcements, patch notes, hotfixes, social media, and more. So if you don't see new posts from us in one location, make sure to check them all out. There's a lot that goes on aside from the highlighted blue posts in the general forums. :)

wait are you claiming valentine's day is a "holiday weekend" now? cuz it ain't. D3 team stretching that truth.
While I'm personally a fan of Valentine's Day, the US holiday I was referencing in my post was President's Day weekend, and this Monday was a United States federal holiday. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Legendary Items From Chests
Though I haven't experienced it myself, I've confirmed with developers that it is indeed possible to get a Legendary item from a Resplendent chest. It doesn't mean it's likely, but it's probably a good idea to leave no chest unopened. ;) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


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