TryHard: Demon Hunter 1.0.7 Updated Guide, Diablo, the Lord of…Love?

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TryHard: Demon Hunter 1.0.7 Updated Guide
He's back once again, and this time with a updated Demon Hunter guide for patch 1.0.7

Diablo, the Lord of…Love?

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Last week, we asked players to create their own Valentine’s Day tidings in the form of themed art, cards, witty messages, and more. We certainly felt the love, and now we’d like to share some of our favorite creations with all of you.

We received some great Diablo-inspired art, cards, and tasty treats from players eager to spread the holiday cheer to every Nephalem, demon, and unsuspecting Angiris Council member in sight. You can check out all the diabolical offerings in the 2013 Diablo III Valentines gallery on Facebook, or by clicking on the thumbnails below.


We also pinged players on the forums, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter for their creative gift-giving ideas, asking:

“What diabolical gift would you give your favorite hero for Valentine's Day?”

Here are some of our favorite replies:
  • "I would give a Puzzle Ring. It's the gift that keeps on giving. " - Nighthunter4
  • "A Lacuni. A dead Lacuni. " - Blonyncheese
  • "I would give my Monk a perfectly rolled Witching Hour belt, because she has bewitched my heart ♥♥♥" - tenacious
  • "A coat made from the skins of slain demons. I've got a LOT of material to work with, LOL! " - MimSiE
  • "keys to the cow level" - Charles Dyson
  • "a horadric hamburger... mmmm so juicy" - B_O_A_T_S
  • "my female barbarian wont "speak to me on matters of love."... Pretty sure I may get a sickle in the face if I give her anything... " - swimc90


No Valentine’s Day is complete without a few sappy love notes. So we took to Twitter to ask players what message they'd send their sweethearts in Sanctuary. The responses ranged from slightly gory to downright adorable.

A huge thanks to our demon-loving community, and to everyone who contributed to our Valentine’s Day festivities!

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Spirit Barrage
For what it's worth, I use Spirit Barrage - Well of Souls on my Hardcore Witch Doctor (who just killed Diablo in Inferno, yay). I like the fact that it goes over walls, can be quite effective at burning down single targets, and rocks at mopping up damaged monsters after a single cast of Acid Cloud - Acid Rain.


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