Issues With Reflect Damage, Adding Commas To Large Gold Sums, Blue Posts

Issues With Reflect Damage
Ever since 1.0.5 hit the PTR some players have noticed that they die more quickly to monsters with Reflect Damage. The devs have just green lit community managers to talk about the issue, and so - lots was communicated!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We know Reflects Damage has been a little more challenging for some players in this patch, so we've been reviewing feedback regarding the affix pretty closely since 1.0.5 released. The actual values for the stat haven't changed at all and, in general, it seems like the issue for players is really just related to increased monster health thanks to Monster Power.

Since monsters have a lot more health in the higher MP levels, not only do fights last longer, but players need to do a lot more damage in order to kill their targets. Of course, that means there's a lot more opportunity for you to get hit with Reflects Damage. So, whereas before the patch, a player may have been able to kill monsters with the Reflects Damage affix no problem and with health to spare, now that fights are lasting longer that same player may not have as much success -- at least, not without making some adjustments to their build or gear.

That said, we do agree that we can make some improvements. For example, we'll be making it so that damage dealt by pets will no longer reflect back to the player. We're also toying with the idea of changing Reflects Damage so that it has a duration and can only be activated by monsters periodically (rather than it always being active), but that's definitely not yet set in stone.

NOOOO, don't cave to these pussys.
If we feel like it's a change that will be better for the long-term health of the game, then we'll move forward with it. We certainly appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the matter in the meantime. :)

I just wish reflect dmg monsters have an aura or something so I can identify it before getting myself killed.
I'll pass on the suggestion.

How about just changing it so RD can be dodged like pre-patch and all problems solved....duh
You could never actually dodge Reflects Damage in the live game. The bug only existed in the PTR version of 1.0.5 (which was fixed before we released the patch), so the "we fixed it" line never should been included in the live patch notes. It was, however, correctly included in the PTR patch notes.

I can take the heat for that one.

Despite having Reflect Damage being an everyday complain on General/PTR Feedback thread FOR MONTHS, despite realizing it's a bad design, nothing was discusses by the CMs til now. I didn't wanna complain about lack of communication but really :/
We certainly saw the discussions before hand and passed them along, but there were no plans for adjustments that we could communicate until now.

Couple of follow ups:

- Hydra and Sentry are technically "pets" (so to speak), so whenever we make the change to no longer allow pet damage to reflect back to the player, they'll be included too.

- If we do elect to move forward with having Reflects Damage be a duration-based affix, we'd also want to add a new visual for whenever RD is active.

Adding Commas To Large Gold Sums
There have been many complains every since the game launched about differentiating large sums of gold when items are being listed on the Auction House. Lylirra explains why that's been done and how they're planning on fixing it.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

One thing to keep in mind is that Diablo III is a global game, available in multiple regions around the globe. And, across those regions, the decimal style varies.

In the US, for example, decimals are identified with periods (ex: 1.23). Whereas in a lot of places in Europe, decimals are identified with commas (ex: 1,23). This means that a number like one million would look a bit different in each of those regions. In the US, it would look like "1,000,000" and in Europe it would look like "1.000.000".

So, which decimal style do we use? That question is actually one of the main reasons we chose not to include commas initially, since it could be confusing to players in other regions outside North America. We also didn't fully realize what kind of impact not having breaks would have on the user experience (and, yes, that's our bad).

That said, we agree that not having any method of breaking out values in the auction house isn't ideal, so we're currently discussing how best to address the issue (hopefully without creating other issues for players in other countries). We could just use commas, or we might do something more universal likes spaces.

Isnt the game split into regions??? use the correct decimal style for the region...
It's actually not that simple, but fair suggestion even still.

(We are also considering spaces, yes.)

Make it region-specific.
It's frankly pathetic that this hasn't been implemented already.
There are three gameplay regions for Diablo III:

North America

Many countries within those regions use different decimal styles, so unfortunately it's not as simple as making it "region-specific." Also, making a change apply to only one region and not another isn't always ideal or an available option.

Now, like I said, we agree it'd be nice for players to break out values in the auction house (at the least the values that they enter themselves). In the end, we may just add commas, since that's what the service already uses in a lot of places. We're also considering other options (like spaces) that are more universal.

Hey guys, this discussion is getting a little out of hand. =/ If you want to figuratively shoot the messenger (that being me), that's fine, but let's please try to keep the conversation as civil as possible.

Also, it looks some of my follow up posts may have been missed in the excitement, so I'm going to quickly reiterate a few points:

- We agree with your feedback and want to make it easier for players to tell the difference between 1000000 and 10000000.

- We have considered simply adding spaces.

- We have also considered just adding commas, since it's what the auction house already uses.

- We didn't originally add commas to begin with, because we were concerned about regional differences and didn't fully realize how not having separations would impact players. That may have been the wrong call, but we're looking to amend it.

You just need to post "yea we forgot that, it was a big fault, we need to correct and add commas" :)
We made a choice, and that choice had its reasons (which were actually well-intentioned). We may not have made the best choice, though -- which we realize -- and we agree that an improvement can be made.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Answers on EU Forums
Please report these bad posts whenever you see them, and our moderators will take action as soon as possible.

These forums are extremely active and busy, and our patrolling moderators may therefore not always spot bad posts in a timely manner if said bad posts have not been reported. Reporting posts will typically result in faster moderation, because the moderators will be notified when a bad post has been reported. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hellfire Ring Missing in API
The release of the 1.0.5 data for the API hasn't been deployed yet. We're going to try and get it out ASAP. Sorry for the delay. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Armory Cache Kills Bug
Just posted in two other threads. The 1.0.5 API update was delayed and will be out as soon as possible. There is also a bug with cache kills for profiles that is being looked into as well. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


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