Hotfixes - October 31, Blue Posts, 2012 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Winners, Stay Awhile And Listen Book - Sneak Peak Part 3

Hotfixes - October 31
A few bug fixes made it to live servers today. Now we'll have even less client crashes!

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October 31

Bug Fixes
  • Goldskin's "100% Extra Gold from Monsters" affix will no longer affect monsters that are not intended to drop any loot
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Sokahr the Keywarden to become stuck at 1 point of health
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Butcher to go idle when stunned after performing his Charge attack during "The Imprisoned Angel: Kill the Butcher"
  • Fixed an issue that allowed some players to continue to dual-wield two-handed weapons under extremely rare circumstances
  • Fixed an issue that caused many players to receive an “Error 3006” when reaching the Retrieving Heroes step during login
    • Please note that we've only resolved one cause for this error, and that it may still occur in some situations
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when gold dropped in bad locations
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the game loaded the wrong zone (based on incorrect information about the player's location) and then attempted to clear that zone

Blue Posts

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Funniest Ways You've Died
I was fighting in Stonefort when I had the good luck of stumbling onto a Champion pack of Fallen right after starting to throw down with an Elite Fallen Shaman. I failed to notice the affixes since it got ugly pretty fast, but a lot of things were dead (including my pets) and I was running away before I could recover and mop up the remaining monsters. I didn’t get very far, though, when I was suddenly vortexed back into combat to find a very angry avenger Fallen.

Avenged indeed... (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

2012 Halloween Pumpkin Contest Winners
Blizzard has chosen this year's Pumpkin carving winners! Click the pictures below to see the full sized versions of all Diablo related winners, or this link for the entire gallery.

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The winners of this year's pumpkin-carving contest have been chosen -- and they're monstrously spectacular. We'd like to thank everyone who participated this year, and we can't wait to see your mad scientist skills in action again next time around. Check out all of the creepy, incredible, and creative winning pumpkins here.

Stay Awhile And Listen Book - Sneak Peak Part 3
The third part of the sneak peak about Blizzard's history book has made it to Shacknews. Check the link here to see the previously published parts. Here's an excerpt from the sneak peak, but you can also read the entire thing by clicking on this link:

"Our company was saying, "We're going to take on this developer, Condor, and we're going to publish their game. It's called Diablo." And for a couple of months we were working on it not knowing that it was turn-based. When it came out that it was turn-based, we said, "No, that sucks."
We actually took a vote. They said, "Raise your hand if you would buy this game if it were turn-based." I think two people raised their hands. Then they said, "Raise your hand if you would buy this game if it were real-time." Everybody raised their hands. Allen went in and called Dave Brevik and said, "Look, you've got to make this real-time."
- Duane Stinnett, artist, Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard South suggested we make it real-time after we sent them the first build that was this turn-based version. We argued, "No, we're making this game." But they finally wore us down—it probably only took an hour or so over the phone—to the point where we said, "Okay, we'll give it a try, but it's going to be really hard work to do. It's going to take a lot of time, and we're going to need some more money for the project."
- Erich Schaefer


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