Updated 1.0.5 Undocumented Changes, 3.1 Million DPS Demon Huner, Stay Awhile And Listen Sneak Peek

Updated 1.0.5 Undocumented Changes
Yesterday we posted about the undocumented changes that came with 1.0.5 and after some feedback updated the post. Click the link here to see lots of graphical and mechanical additions. If you know of anything we've missed feel free to mention it in the comments.

3.1 Million DPS Demon Huner
After we posted a few days back about a 2.6 million DPS Barbarian, this week it seems a Demon Hunter has raised the bar quite a lot higher. User nugiyen has created a topic on our forums and shows off his numbers in this Azmodan kill video. Check out his armory and build below.

Stay Awhile And Listen Sneak Peek
David Craddok, Author of the Blizzard history book Stay Awhile and Listen, has posted parts 1 and 2 from its 8th chapter on Shacknews. Included are dozens of interviews with the original Condor developers, including Max and Erich Schaefer, Dave and Peter Brevik, Eric Sexton and many others. You can find part 1 here and part 2 over here. Here are a few excerpts:

We all pile into the kitchen because it's the biggest space we have. People are sitting on the tables. Now we're going to make the decision on whether Diablo is turn-based or real-time. I would say probably 90 percent of the team wants it real-time. Dave doesn't. I don't. But pretty much everybody else wanted it real-time.
- Rick Seis, programmer, Condor

You couldn't just test out a little bit of code and run the program and see what happened. You really had to think about as many tasks as possible ahead of time. In that way you had to be a little more organized. You couldn't just change a line of code and re-run it.
- Robin van der Wel, programmer, Condor


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