Barbarian Budget Guide, More on Possible Damage Bug, and Most Treasured Item

Barbarian Budget Guide
For those of you who would like to play some Uber bosses but do not have the gold to buy the uber gear, tryhardenmity has created a guide on how to maximize the limited gold you do have. For 3 million gold, the guide covers what stats and gear to dump your gold on to make it through most of Inferno with a Barbarian. You can check out his original thread for additional comments and suggestions.

More on the Possible Damage Bug
We reported the other day that some users thought there might have been a bug that increased the damage done by monsters. Blizzard checked these reports and have confirmed that there was no bug increasing the damage. However, some people still remain skeptical.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

This is exactly what we tested, and our analysis thus far has provided no evidence that the hotfix was "messed up" or reverted as a result of 1.0.5a. The damage values we implemented via hotfix are currently the damage values being used by monsters right now when MP is enabled.

We're not calling anyone delusional or wrong for reporting a different experience; we're simply saying that the scaling bonus to monster damage at each level MP is (according to all the data we have) where it's supposed to be, and that it hasn't changed since Tuesday.

That said, even though there's no evidence of a bug at this time, we're continuing to monitor reports and feedback over the weekend and will investigate further if necessary.

Most Treasured Item
A user on the forums asked what people's most treasured items that they have obtained was. Grimiku, from Blizzard, has shared his and we would like for you to share yours.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

My most treasured item is my Traveling Snake, and it’s my favorite simply for the name. Whenever I see it in my inventory I immediately think of some grandpa saying something like “no, no, no, that’s my THINKIN’ snake, I said fetch my TRAVELIN’ snake!” It probably should not amuse me as much as it does. >.<


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