Monster Power Level Charts, Monster Power Level Videos, Poll - Was the Nerf to the Hellfire Ring Justified?

Monster Power Level Charts
Two members of our forum - POI5ON and KageKaze, have been busy compiling some info about Monster Power levels for bosses, and how their HP scales with each level. Here are their finding presented in charts by KageKaze, with HP info provided by POI5ON. Don't forget to check POI5ON's thread located here and KageKaze's one located right here, for much more detailed information and of course, lots of facts, theories and speculation!

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Monster Power Level Videos
As if that wasn't enough KageKaze has also created 2 videos. The one below gives some detailed explanation of what is given as you increase Monster Power levels, while going around and displaying how his level 10 Wizard manages to go through Act 1 Cathedral. The videos are also originally from this topic.

The other video demonstrates his almost 7 minute fight with the Skeleton King.

Poll - Was the Nerf to the Hellfire Ring Justified?
Even though Blizzard have given some feedback on the subject, the nerf to the Hellfire Ring proc has been a hot debate in the Diablo community. What do you think? Was the nerf justified?


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