More Information on Patch 1.0.5 Systems, Diablo 3: Finding a Voice, Should Skill Swapping Reset NV Buff - Poll Recap

More Information on Patch 1.0.5 Systems has posted an article giving even more information on the 1.0.5 systems than we got yesterday. Keep in mind this article is in Chinese and has been translated. Please keep this in mind. You can check out the full article with a google translation here.
  • You will be able to set Monster Powers from 0 to 10 before the game starts. The higher the number the more life and attack the monsters will have. Elite packs may even drop more loot than normal. This also increases gold reward and loot quality
  • "players will be back in the game world in every corner to find to the mysterious clues and objects, and then piece together the challenges purgatory system."
  • "Purgatory device to challenge the players to have reached 60 to be eligible to enter. The official pointed out that this copy will be a completely new architecture, although there will be no new Boss and monsters"
  • It "bears unique treasures waiting for players to come to explore, including the legendary ring new 1.05."
  • These rings will be Bind on Account, and can not be traded!

Diablo 3: Finding a Voice
With the recent blue post on the voices of Diablo III, now is a good time to check out "Diablo III: Finding a voice" if you have not seen it.

Should Skill Swapping Reset NV Buff - Poll Recap
A few days ago we held a poll based off a blue post. We asked if you think Skill Swapping should reset the NV buff. Though over 12,000 people thought it should, it looks like 26,000 people thought it should not reset the buff. What are your thoughts on the outcome?


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