Interview with Alkaizer

Interview with Alkaizer
After Alkaizer completed the task of being the first player to hit Paragon level 100, he took the time to talk with DiabloFans.

DiabloFans Quote:

DiabloFans: Starting it off, how does it fell to hit Paragon level 100?
Alkaizer: It feels pretty good. I don't think of this as a huge accomplishment but it kept me interested in playing the game and it was more fun than I thought it would be.

What were your initial reactions when Blizzard announced the system?
I was actually not looking forward to it because I felt I was already getting an edge on other players by using a strong magic find gear setup and I felt this would do more harm than good for a player like me. Fortunately it didn't turn out to have a negative impact on me.

Did you plan on trying to become the first player to hit Paragon level 100?
No, I just wanted to find as many quality legendary and set items as fast as I could before other players.

You completed this feat with a Barbarian, why did you choose this class?
I only have a barbarian and I am pretty confident I will never level any of the other classes to max level if at all.

Did you consider doing it with any other class?

Can you explain the route you did to farm the experience?
My route changed a few times. At the start of paragon I was simply doing standard magic find runs, 5 stack siegebreaker to azmodan because I felt this would yield the best possible loot. Around level 40 is when I set it in stone that I was actually going to attempt to hit level 100 before anyone else. At this point I started at Azmodan's checkpoint and worked backwards trying to find good routes to maximize WOTB uptime and going through areas I felt were with it for potential item drops and exp. It wasn't until around level 90 that my route became Core of Arreat(Azmodan Checkpoint) -> Tower of Damned Level 1 -> Arreat Crater Level 2 -> Keep Depths Level 2 -> Fields of Slaughter. I felt this would give me a good balance of drops and probably pretty close to the max possible experience for the time spent.

Was there any point that you got tired of doing this and thought about stopping?
Not really, I've been playing games pretty intensely for about 15 years. It's just what I do with a large majority of my free time. There was close to no stress involved.

What was your play schedule like?
The first few days I played probably 17-19 hours in game. But eventually I dropped down to probably 12-15 hours. There were a few days where I wasn't even playing for 12-14 hours straight.

How do you feel about the idea that many people assumed you had to be a bot in order to accomplish this goal so quickly?
I think it's pretty silly if you consider how inefficient a bot is at anything in game compared to an actual person.

Many people watching your stream saw you skip over dozens of legendary items, what was your thought on passing them over?
From 1-100, I probably did miss around 1 to 2 dozen legendaries just due to the nature of how my abilities work and not always paying 100% attention. I think going as fast as I was will still net me more legendaries over time instead of double checking every monster I kill.

Now that you have hit 100, what are your next plans?
I'll still play a decent amount. Magic Find runs and test some builds I haven't had the chance to since the patch came out and hopefully the next few patches can give me something else to do.

Are you hoping Blizzard comes up with more end-game content or are you content with the Paragon system?
Paragon system was a good start. Hopefully we see more content and things to sink time in and challenge players in different ways. Competitive aspects in Diablo 3 would strengthen the game.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Diablo community?
Not really, thanks to those who watched the last few levels and hopefully it was entertaining

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