Paragon Level EXP Chart

IMPORTANT: Introducing the Paragon System

Paragon Level EXP Chart
With the patch 1.0.4 files in hand, there was a new file that made its way into the game. This file seems to hold the new EXP values for the Paragon Levels.

This is a total of 10,454,400,000 exp from level 1 to 100.
Update: Some are reporting it's total EXP already, this means 315,360,000 EXP from 1 to 100
We will find out soon!

Update: With the patch out, 10,454,400,000 exp total is correct.
That's ~8,167,500 Inferno Dust Imps.
That's ~6,534,000 Inferno Hulking Phase Beasts
Keep in mind these are just fun values based off the old Monster EXP values, and may have been updated.

WillNowHalt on Reddit calculated with 75% NV buff, it would take 1,327,543 mlvl 63 Monsters from 0 to 100

To give you an idea Level 51 to 60 looked like this:


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