Character Profiles Possibly Coming Soon, Critical Mass Wizard Build, South Korea Gets a Server Upgrade, "Evil's Truck", Poll

Character Profiles Possibly Coming Soon
In case you missed the Facebook teaser post today. A blank picture (seen on the right) was posted on the official Diablo III Facebook page along with the text "Coming soon to". Compared to the previous preview of character profiles (seen on the left) it's clear they match together. However there have been no updates in the Diablo API forum post.

For any developers out there, now seems to be the time to get ready for the web API. Make sure to check out the Diablo Tools section for resources and to post any information about tools you will be making.

There also appears to be a fun little easter egg hidden in the twitter version of the picture. Found at the bottom center you can see math based around the good old "1 = .999". Check out iFaTaL's thread for a few pictures . However it seems to be aimed at an old Blizzard joke which can be found on their press site

Character Profiles Preview
Facebook Teaser

Critical Mass Wizard Build
RGDiablo3 has posted another video, this time covering his version of the "Critical Mass" build for the Wizard. He covers in detail the skill choices (along with alternative skill choices) and gear information. Feel free to check out his thread and leave any feedback.

Posted Image

South Korea Gets a Server Upgrade
Some users in South Korea have had a few server problems that last couple of weeks. It looks like Blizzard has been hard a working attempting to correct the issue. You can see a rough translation below, or view the original article on the KR page.

Dear players of South Korea, we would be happy to provide you with a better game environment so that recent Asian server has completed additional expansion work, with some remaining in North America this all equipment was removed. Speaking a little more, last June following the game for an extension of the primary server that caused some delay in order to resolve the problem in July 24 as part of additional expansion work has been completed.

Continue forward to you so that we can better gaming experience more reliable service will do our best.

Blizzard Entertainment Dream.

"Evil's Truck"
Shortly after the release of Diablo 3, Blizzard had a fun way to promote Diablo III. In the video you can see the mobile game truck that let people play Diablo III and see some rather interesting decorations.

Are You Looking Forward to the Character Profiles?
With character profiles looking to be right around the corner, and the Diablo III web API soon to be live as well, are you looking forward to the profiles and possible user tools?


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