Jay Wilson on PvP and Legendaries, Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway, Guide for Crafting Chest Armor, and 1,000,000 Gold Witch Docto

Jay Wilson on PvP and Legendaries
We haven't heard much from Jay Wilson in the past few weeks. However it looks like "The Jace Hall Show" was able to get a few minutes of his time. Jay Wilson first pops up around the 2:00 mark, however the pvp talk starts around 11:29. The information learned from this is not all that new, and there was very little of it. However some info is better than none. Here is a quick roundup:

(Also for those interested in PvP, we posted a quick preview of a few datamined arena levels not to long ago).
  • Due to player feedback they are upgrading legendaries.
  • They are adding a whole bunch of new loot technology so they can do some "crazy stuff" with legendaries.
  • They want to legitimize PvP in Diablo III.
  • Pvp will take place as an arena team deathmatch.
  • You can form a team of 4 players or use the match making system to be put on a team of 4.
  • Matches will be about 10 minutes long, team with the most kills wins.
  • Will be cool arena style with a lot of fast action, quick respawning, and announcer calling out kills.
A quick look at one of the UIs can be seen in the picture below. In the picture we can see a player's PvP title. During beta a full list of player titles were datamined. However the title/rank of "Scout" is not on that list.

Diablo III Inferno Booster Pack Giveaway
Starting this week we will be holding a giveaway once a week to our active forum members. There will be two winners (one EU and one US). Each winner will receive one Diablo III Inferno Item Booster Pack. These are meant to be quick fun giveaways to help out new characters. However you may get lucky and find something a little bit more powerful!

Prizes, rules, and eligibility information can be found here.

Guide to Crafting Chest Armor for the AH
tybrone has been tracking the crafting and sales of hundreds of 6 prop chest pieces he has made. Through his tracking, he has created a spreadsheet that helps identify and organize the sell values of them based upon that stats that rolled for each one. If you are looking for a guide to help figure out the value of your crafting you can check out his original thread for comments and feedback.

1,000,000 Gold Inferno Witch Doctor
CuckooGaming is on a mission to beat Inferno with each class with only a million gold spent on gear. With a price that almost anybody could afford, it helps players find a way to clear Inferno who don't have the funds to buy top gear. You can check out his original thread for comments and feedback.


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