1.0.3b Delayed, Inferno Drop Rate Hotfix Coming Tomorrow, 200k Gold Inferno Act 2 Challenge, Natalya's Wrath to Remain Untouched

1.0.3b Delayed, Inferno Drop Rate Hotfix Coming Tomorrow
Though patch 1.0.3b will not be hitting servers this week, we will be seeing some of its features hotfixed into the game tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

In general we tend to not provide release dates or specific timeframes for patches due to the complexity of the updates, and the possibility that we’ll discover an issue that keeps us from releasing it on time. We discovered a few such issues late into the testing of 1.0.3b, which means it won’t hit this week as previously mentioned.

However, we know that a number of changes in 1.0.3b have been highly anticipated, and so we spent the better part of today pulling specific changes that did not run into testing issues out of 1.0.3b, and turning them into hotfixes. These include the Inferno drop increases among a couple others, and will be applied with off-peak rolling restarts tomorrow morning. We’ll also be updating the June hotfix blog with specific changes (including new drop rates) tomorrow morning after we manage to wrangle up a cup of coffee.

200k Gold Inferno Act 2 Challenge - Monk Edition
Jipptomilly has taken on a rather interesting challenge, clear Act 2 Inferno as a monk with only 200k gold worth of gear. Not only is he able to clear Act 2 this way, he does it while only skipping three elite packs and killing 27 others. He also ends with a rather nice sized profit at the end.

Natalya's Wrath to Remain Untouched
Bashiok hits the forums to give an update on the DiabloWiki.com - Natalya's Wrath Natalya's Wrath bug we reported a few days ago. After some serious discussions they have decided to keep the bonus as is.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We're not going to change/correct the set bonus of Natalya's. It will remain as-is.

It's one of a few cases recently that made us really sit and look at how we were approaching a game system, have some serious discussions about what they mean for the game, and where we want it to go. Sure it's one set and set bonus, but allowing it to continue existing, and even now beginning some work to embrace the concept, probably wouldn't have happened if the unintended change to Natalya's hadn't occurred, and maybe more importantly if you didn't offer your feedback (constructively and in calm and reasonable tones, of course).

We are working on Legendary item changes for a future patch, as I'm sure you know, which could change the set in any variety of ways. I don't know what those changes could be yet, but I do know there's no desire to "fix" the set, even in the updated version. But regardless those changes will only affect items that drop after that patch. They aren't retroactive. Any Natalya's items that drop before that patch (ie the ones dropping now), and the set bonus, will remain unchanged regardless of future Legendary item updates.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Developer's Blog
Any ETA on the developer's blog on 1.0.4 or information on the Act 3/4 loot adjustment? Thanks
Drop rates are being increased in 1.0.3b, and ... SOON. (Source)

Magic Find Gear Switching
I wanted to jump in quickly to say that this is one of many topics we’ve been discussing with the developers recently, and that we have a juicy blog post coming up that will delve a bit more into some of the MF swapping solutions we’re considering. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

One of the worst things currently going on in these forums as far as I'm concerned is seeing anyone with anything positive to say about the game being labelled a fanboy.

These forums are here for people to dicsuss our games, and for that you need differing opinions. Seeing people shut down and dismissed as a fanboy for saying they actually like an aspect of the game is, quite honestly, pretty low. If you don't have a valid argument other than resorting to name-calling, please refrain from posting.

We're all for people having their say on the game, good or bad, but petty behaviour has no place here. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Curse Weekly Roundup
Mists of Pandaria opens heir doors for raiding, ArenaNET wants us to break their servers, LoL players get a bonus, and Abraham Vampire Hunter comes to 8 bit; all on this weeks Curse Weekly Roundup.


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