Patch 1.0.3 Unofficial Changes

Update: added buff icons including one for "PVP Balance"
Update: Adding images for banner and "Demon Wings"
Update: Blizzard has posted a transcript of the AMAA on reddit. However you can find our version (with a quick bullet point section here)

Patch 1.0.3 Soon
Though it's already confirmed that patch 1.0.3 is this month, it looks like we might see it as early as next week. As always below you can see all the unofficial changes for patch 1.0.3. Also keep in mind there will be a lot of other changes that will be covered in the official patch notes! Look back on the 1.0.3 preview for more information

Inventory Item - "Demon Wings"
A new icon has appeared in the files: Item_DemonWings_Black

New Banner Items
With the MoP Collectors Edition feat of strength seen below, you will be unlocking these new items for your banner

New Buff Icons
Three new buff icons were added: Magic Find, XP Boost, and PVP Balance!


DiabloFans Quote:

  • Had both crafting and training costs reduced.
  • Frenzied shrine no longer gives crit (tooltip change)
Remove From Party
Some strings have been added dealing with party members
  • Remove from party
  • Remove from game
  • You have been removed form the game.
  • You have been removed from the party.
  • {s1} has been removed from the party.
  • {s1} has been removed from the game.
Vote Kick
  • Vote Kick requires 3 players and is only available in public games.
  • Abuse of Vote Kick also disables this option for a period of time.
Enrage Info
  • Siegebreaker - (Pulsing damage) Combat against the Siegebreaker Assault Beast has grown more difficult. You are taking damage over time.
  • Zoltune Kulle - (Teleport to Player) and (Collapse Ceiling)
  • Belial - (Belial Lightning Strike Enrage)
The following achievements have been removed (removed from client itself) The following achievements have been changed or added
  • [FoS] Panda-Monium - Register a copy of the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Collector's Edition.
    • Unlocks three different banner options.
  • Cursed Captives - Now only works in single player has been added to its information
Load Screen Tips
  • Some skills require specific weapon types.
Game Options
  • OSShortcutsTooltip - Disable the operating system keyboard shortcuts. This option is always enabled in Fullscreen mode. For all other modes this option requires that "Enable access for assistive devices" is checked in the Universal Access preference pane in the System Preferences.
  • OSCommandControlTitle - Use Command key as Control key
  • OSCommandControlTooltip - Use Command key and Control key interchangeably.
  • OSCommandLeftRightTitle - Command left click as right click
  • OSCommandLeftRightTooltip - Hold down Command key and left click to simulate a right click.
  • RegionSelectionWarning - You will need to log out and log back in for your new region selection to take effect.
  • SpecialGiftWingsBuff_name - Collectors Edition Buff
  • SpecialGiftWingsBuff_desc - QUAD DAMAGE
  • SpecialGiftWingsBuff_var_stats - (Is Blank)
  • JoinErrorFull - You may only be in {s1} chat channels at one time.
  • LeaveErrorNoChannels - You are not in any chat channels.
  • LeaveUsage - Type /leave, /leave , or /leave to leave a chat channel.
  • ListErrorNoChannels- There are no chat channels to join.
InviteUsage - Type /invite to invite someone to a public chat channel.

Class Changes
Please keep in mind, as said in the 1.0.3 preview, patch 1.0.3 will not be focused on class balancing.

DiabloFans Quote:

Barbarian Demonhunter Monk WitchDoctor Wizard
  • - Paralysis Paralysis Now stuns the targets for for 1.5 seconds (down from 2 seconds)
  • - Meteor Meteor
    • - Star Pact Star Pact : Now also changes the damage type to Arcane

Follower Changes

DiabloFans Quote:

  • - Mass Control Mass Control The Enchantress lobs a bulb of magical energy at the player that will hex all enemies within 158 yards into chickens for 5 seconds. Hexed enemies are unable to perform offensive actions. / Cooldown: 60 seconds


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