Real Money Auction House is Live

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Real Money Auction House is Live
The RMAH Is now live on US servers. You can click the currency button at the top right to switch to it. The auction house has a lot of users on it at this time so it may be hard to access. Note, attempting to sell gold will result in an error for now.

Auction House: Issues and Information
Now is a good time to take a look at this list. You will be seeing the "Grayed-Out Auction House Button" most likely when you first sign on.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Grayed-Out Auction House Button
To help reduce load and improve the overall stability of the auction house system, the game may temporarily limit traffic to the auction house during peak gaming hours. This is done automatically, and players may occasionally see a grayed-out auction house button as a result.

If the auction house button is grayed-out, please wait a few minutes and then try again. Alternatively, you may wish to enter a game and then leave, or log out and log back in to try again.

Missing" Auction Items
We're continuing to investigate latency affecting search results, active auction lists, posting auctions, and successful sales and purchases on the gold auction house, and hope to have all transactions running smoothly as soon as possible. Please note that while these issues may cause a temporary delay in having purchased items appear in your Completed tab, your items have not been lost. If you do not see your purchased items immediately, please wait and try again later. This also applies if you are experiencing difficulty transferring gold from your Completed tab to your character's stash. Though your sales and purchases may not appear in your auction log, those transactions have still been recorded and should process within 24 hours.

Auction House Error 31073
Players will sometimes receive "Error 31073" when attempting a transaction on the auction house. This is an intentional measure to help improve auction house stability by throttling the number of auctions that can be created at any given time. If you receive this error message when attempting a transaction you should wait a few moments and try again. While we understand this is an inconvenience, our goal is to ensure a more stable auction house experience for everyone.


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