Hotfix, Treasure Goblin Analysis, Barbarian Guide, Wizard DPS Calculator, and Machinima Contest

Hotfix Makes Co-Op Inferno More Viable
In case you missed it, there was a hotfix this week. Most importantly, monsters will no longer gain extra damage in co-op games. So, grouping up in Inferno may be a more viable option now. There were also some bug fixes that nerfed some farming areas. You can check out the rest of the bugs fixed here.

Treasure Goblin Farming Breakdown
We reported earlier about a Treasure Goblin farming spot. Impala has broken down a farmer spot for Treasure Goblins. He has analyzed the odds of possibilities based on 250 runs of the area. From not finding anything to how many rares per hour you can expect. The spot has since been nerfed but with four players, it still works well for farming for rares.

Complete Barbarian Inferno Guide
devlolz666 has posted a very full guide to playing a Barbarian in Inferno. While many can argue that Inferno is much harder for melee based characters, he has made it possible to not only complete but farm Inferno.

DiabloFans Quote:

In the guide you can find:
  • Skill Choices
  • Passive Skills
  • Alternative Skill Choices
  • Alternative Passive Skills
  • Important Stats
  • Gear
  • Solo & Co-Op Tactics
  • Templar Build

Wizard DPS Calculator
Loroese has shared a detailed spreadsheet that helps calculate DPS for a Wizard. You can also use the calculator to compare items side-by-side as well as calculate your EHP. It also includes both Energy Armor and Glass Canon options to see what your damage and EHP will be with either of the skills activated.

Diablo III - Race to the Finish: Creative Machinima
There are only 5 days left for the Creative Machinima Contest. If you have been debating if you wanted to enter, now is the time! All videos must be entered into the contest thread before June 15th. Click the banner for full details.


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