Monk Solo Diablo Inferno Kill, Act 1 Farming Area, and WD Damage Spreadsheet

Monk Solo Diablo Inferno Kill

Petrosha87 on YouTube has posted a video of him soloing Diablo on Inferno. One key aspect to his Monk build is that he has gotten his attacks speed up to 3.2 attacks per second. You can also check out full descriptions of his build and gear. The build he uses is not just for bosses either. He claims you can use this build to help kill elite packs as well as farm other bosses for some great gear.

He also posted a few comments to help users trying to follow his build:

The build is great as long as you have the gear to support it. I would suggest staying with Dodge mantra (with armor if you want to be defensive or backlash if you feel you don't need it) until you reach 650+ resist, 4,5k+ armour and 600~ life on hit with 30k+ hp. Thats when things start becoming more bearable for monks :)

Act 1 Gear Farming Area

Lindail has also shared numerous areas within Act 1 to help you through your character leveling. Inferno or low level gear grinding is covered in a multitude of areas. You can check out the full list of his videos in his original thread.

This video is a quick spot for people just getting into Inferno. There is a random dungeon that can appear with an elite monster for a nice chance to drop some gear to help you gear up for the rest of the challenges ahead.

Witch Doctor Damage Calculation Spreadsheet

DrZey posted an interesting WD Spreadsheet on our forums, it will let you calculate your damage and figure out how big of an upgrade items are before you buy everything off the AH!

We have a lot of very active users on the class forums and you should definitely check them out if you're wondering what to do next with your character:


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