Diablo 3 - New Cow Level, Models, Quests, and so much more! (MASSIVE SPOILER)

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The Diablo III Recap
In case you missed our massive recap, make sure to check it out here. It covers every part of Diablo III and includes all the legendary items , set items, and much much more!

The Secret Level / "Cow Level"
Below is information on the Secret level, along with models of the very deadly evil monster!

DiabloFans Quote:

  • UnicornsandRainbows_Title_Tag - In the Land of Killer Unicorns
  • UnicornsandRainbows_Description_Tag - Find the hidden level.

Diablo III Models
This isn't all the models, this is just a good sample of all the monsters you'll encounter in the game. Keep in mind that this is a preview from an early beta of a model viewer, models will look much better in game and aren't even designed to be displayed in full screen outside of the game in the first place.

Those screenshots were made using the D3 Model Viewer from Cain's Archive

Below are by no means all the quests, but these are a very large chunk! So obvious spoilers ahead.

All Banner Graphics - Sigils, Patterns, Shapes
We have a full list of all the sigils that will be ingame.

Act 2, 3, and 4 Quest Icons
Click the images below to see the Icons for each quest in each act.

All Achievement Icons
Lots of icons for all the achievements have been added, of course even some of the icons themsleves are spoilery.

And Let There Be Cows!
Not too big of a spoiler here, but something neat to take a look at.

DiabloFans Quote:

  • A Most Regal Bovine - We see you have brought the item. That is good. We are udderly pleased. (using the royal 'we'; extremely satisfied udderly = utterly in cow-speak (Secret_Cow))
  • DHunter - Oh, gods. You're a cow? What was in that health potion I drank back there? (severely disturbed; last part to self)
  • Wiz - You're a cow. Cows don't talk. Unless... Has my disintegrate spell been working on my wits instead of my enemies? (deeply confused; last part to self)
  • Monk - I studied all of the holy texts for years. There was nothing about cows with speech. Yet you... are a cow. (confounded)
  • WitchDoc - I have never met one like you before. Are you related to the goatmen? (curious)
  • Barb - Wait. You're a... a cow? Where in Bul-Kathos's name did I go wrong in my life?
  • Secret_Cow - What? We hate those mannerless fleabags. Insolent, all of them, really. This is no time to be silly. The level of sparkling happiness and rainbows awaits you! (angry on first part, then suddenly cheerful again)
  • Secret_Cow - And you are a stinking bag of flesh with no fur. Haha, touché! This is no time to be silly. The level of sparkling happiness and rainbows awaits you!
  • All - You mean the cow level? (astonished)—this is the stuff of legends!
  • Secret_Cow - No. There is no cow level. Now, moo—oh, uh, excuse me. Move along! (angry and snappy on first part, then cheerfully patronizing on "now moo-ve...")

Unique Vendor NPCs

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  • A2_UniqueVendor_Event_MapVendor
  • A2_UniqueVendor_Peddler_InTown
  • A2_UniqueVendor_Tinker
  • A2_UniqueVendor_Fence_InTown
  • A2_UniqueVendor_Miner_InTown
  • A2_UniqueVendor_Collector_InTown
  • A1_UniqueVendor_Alchemis
  • A1_UniqueVendor_Weaponsmith
  • A2_UniqueVendor_FishingMerchant
  • A2_UniqueVendor_Curios

Patch 1.01 Class Changes
The first class changes of the official Diablo III retail client.... Watch out, all these changes might be mind blowing!

DiabloFans Quote:

  • DiabloWiki.com - Ground Stomp Ground Stomp
    • DiabloWiki.com - Avalanche Avalanche : Enemies are knocked back 9 yards (Down from 12) and inflict 55% weapon damage to enemies in the landing area.

Bestiary and Lore Journals
We have rounded up a good deal of all the Bestiary and Lore Journal entries. A lot of spoilers

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  • Accursed - The accursed were created when a necrotic plague spread through Kehjistan centuries ago. The infected watched in terror as their flesh blackened and died; the strongest medicines could not stop the decay. Eventually they fell into a dormant state, and their bodies were piled up in dark and forgotten places... where they could rest undisturbed.
  • Armored Destroyer - No one has seen an armored destroyer since Diablo was exiled from the Burning Hells centuries ago. Before then, they were the bulk of his army, and they crawled thick as locusts over the face of their master's realm. Should the Lord of Terror ever return, I fear they would be his heralds.
  • Bile Crawler - The bile crawlers are commonly spoken of among the peasantry in Khanduras, most often invoked to scare unruly children into their beds. Fables hold that the crawlers are the half-formed demonspawn who hatched before their time. They resemble nothing more than a bloody, ravening mess and possess a voracious appetite for human flesh.
  • Blood Clan Khazra - Though I have searched every corner of the Great Library of Caldeum, I can find no references to the true fate of the Blood Clan khazra. Some crumbling papers hint that they made a pact to serve the mythical Lesser Evils, but surely such a thing cannot be considered proper scholarship... can it?
  • Blood Hawk - It is easy to focus on the dangerous foes one may encounter on the ground, but the blood hawks rule the skies with terrible ferocity. These crimson-winged birds will wait until their prey is at a disadvantage, then swoop down to attack. Watch for their shadows on the nearby terrain, and be prepared to flee quickly.
  • Colossal Golgor - The colossal golgor is merely a colossal myth! In folklore, they are sons of an infamous demon who smashed half of Hell in anger after the Prime Evils were defeated during the "Dark Exile." Why, if I had a gold coin for each of these tales, I would be a wealthy man indeed!
  • Cultist - A dark coven has formed in Tristram, and I fear that their superstitious violence may damn the whole region. I discovered very little during my eavesdropping, except that the word "Maghda" was repeated several times in their chants. Oh well, now I journey to the safety of my home, where I may put these worries behind me.
  • Deceivers - These serpentine demons are Belial's favored servants, and he has granted them some of his skill in cunning and illusion. Deceivers will cloak themselves in the familiar forms of their enemy's companions and friends, waiting to strike when the moment is opportune. It is only then that their true forms are revealed.
  • Demon Flyer - Azmodan created the demonic hellflyers after he nearly lost to Tyrael in battle thousands of years ago. The angels made glorious use of their great luminescent wings to outmaneuver the demon host and assail its commander. Frustrated by his near defeat, Azmodan began breeding winged demons capable of tearing the angels asunder.
  • Demonic Hell Bearer - I have long hoped that the demonic hell bearer was a fiction, a nightmare from the troubled minds of my ancestors. Just imagine a demon taller than a castle tower, who can retch up endless minions from the depths of the Hells! Surely our people are doomed if such an abomination exists.
  • Demonic Tremor - One usually hears demonic tremors before seeing them. These behemoths move slowly and heavily, pounding the earth with their massive fists. Many a siege has been broken by the tremors' battering strikes, and many more enemies of the demons have been felled by their wrath. I pray that our world will never see them again.
  • Demon Trooper - Demon troopers form the meat of the armies of Hell. Their masters use them roughly, sending them into the vanguard for most battles. For their part, the troopers are easily excited by opportunities to exhibit their great talent for violence. In fact, the troopers frequently attack each other when they are left idle.
  • Dune Dervish - To those who doubt my achievements in research, I present my findings on the dune dervish. It took me many years to find the truth of these strange, deadly figures, but my sources indicate that they are the cursed remains of mages who summoned a demon far beyond their power to control.
  • Dune Thresher - The dune thresher is an elusive being with a tremendous capacity for bloodshed. It lurks beneath the sands, rising up to seize prey in its jaws and rend the body until it is but sinew and gore. I... I once saw a thresher in the flesh, and it rather... disagreed with my constitution.
  • Dust Imp - Not all dangerous demons are large and imposing. The dust imps are little more than children in size, but they possess the cunning and bloodlust of far larger creatures. They take cover in the shadows, emerging only when viable prey wanders too close. Then they ambush, leaving little more than bones behind them.
  • Electric Eel - The electric eels are insidious pests that have taken root in the oases surrounding Caldeum. Known for their stinging strikes, these creatures are particularly dangerous when they attack in large numbers. It is said that raw eel has become a delicacy among Caldeum's elite, but I assure you these rumors are baseless.
  • Enslaved Nightmare - The enslaved nightmares stand as testament that there will never be peace between men and demons. Sorcerers who attempt to master the dark arts and summon demons with their black spells are all damned to become skeletal nightmares bound to the very power they tried to bend to their will.
  • Fallen Grunt - It seems that the fallen are indeed creatures of demonic origin. The old Horadric tale claims they were once powerful servants of the mythical Azmodan. They purportedly aided him in his battle against the Prime Evils, and Diablo later punished them by twisting them into the small, stupid forms they now possess.
  • Fallen Lunatic - The fallen lunatics are the most unstable of their kind, causing them to overproduce highly combustible fluids in their abdomens. I believe this imbalance must be inevitably fatal, leading the lunatics to puncture their stomachs and release their explosive bile in a terrible display when enemies come too near.
  • Fallen Shaman - Though the champions are larger and the lunatics more devastating, it is the shaman priests who lead the fallen. These shrunken, unintimidating demons can easily kill an enemy with their fire bolts, but it is their ability to resurrect their imp allies that allows them to command such high respect from their peers.
  • Herald of Pestilence - Long ago, the heralds of pestilence were lesser demons who rebelled against Azmodan. The Lord of Sin vanquished them easily, but instead of slaying them, he granted each one a long arm infested with a poison that could kill anything but Azmodan himself. The heralds have been plague-riddled menaces ever since.
  • Hulking Phasebeast - The Horadric scrolls describe hulking phasebeasts as "sin made flesh." Azmodan granted them great power, allowing the beasts to shift in and out of sight at will. It is believed that the Lord of Sin only looses the phasebeasts against uncommonly clever enemies who cannot be bested with tooth and claw.
  • Lacuni - The lacuni—or panther-men, as they are sometimes called—have inhabited the desert wastes east of Caldeum for thousands of years. The large males are the tribes' leaders and protectors, while the agile females are expert hunters. Mostly, they are primitive and reclusive creatures, although they will attack if cornered or hungry.
  • The Mallet Lords - The mallet lords are brutal overseers second only to the seven Evils themselves. The mallet demons rule the seething outer reaches of the Hells that surround the central realms, and have long refused to join any of the Lesser Evils' armies. Surely the destruction would be unthinkable if such a thing ever came to pass.
  • The Oppressors - I have seen many warriors in my day, but only a scant few of them could face the might of an oppressor. This monster towers over the tallest barbarians and wields weapons crafted from Hellforged steel. They were last seen with Baal during his resurgence and left legions of dead men in their wake.
  • Terror Demon - The ancient texts describe the terror demons as unconquerable foes, the dreams of Diablo made flesh. They appear in shadow to torment their victims, and then... in shadow they vanish. The mere sight of one drove a Horadrim to madness, leaving him screaming and clawing at his eyes until the end of his days.
  • Morlu - The morlu were once men, great warriors of old. But each of them had darkness within his soul, and Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, used this flaw to trick them into his service. Mephisto's fury slowly burned away their mortal forms, leaving them fiery apparitions who know no pain, fear, or doubt.
  • Rockworm - The rockworm may very well be the ugliest creature ever to blight the world with its presence. Bereft of any features aside from its massive jaws, the rockworm appears to be a giant invertebrate. I should like to study it further, but its burrowing tendencies make it extraordinarily difficult to track.
  • Sand Dweller - During the Mage Clan Wars, the Vizjerei summoned giant demons to guard their estates. After years of patrolling the desert sands, the demons' hides became thick as stone and caked with grit. In the end, they have outlived their masters. Now only the glowing runes on their skulls belie their true origins.
  • Sand Wasp - I would rather not discuss the sand wasp. These overgrown insects wouldn't be notable whatsoever if not for their exceptionally poisonous stings... which, alas, killed my young apprentice. I thought he would be more careful when I sent him to retrieve a sample from the hive, but... his parents did not understand my perspective.
  • Shadow Vermin - There has been much debate among the Horadrim regarding the shadow vermin. Some scholars believe that these wraithlike foes are formed from concentrated demonic energy, while others believe they are the souls of humans corrupted by Diablo. They glide through the darkness as easily as water, ready to smother their unwary prey.
  • Siegebreaker Assault Beast - The siegebreaker is a monster of legends, of nightmares, and thin whispers in the dark. It is the most prized champion of the demon lords because its massive size and strength could turn any battle in its favor. I wish I knew more, but alas... all who have seen it have perished.
  • Skeletal Guardian - Only the most talented mages can summon skeletal guardians. It takes great power to form these tall, slim constructs from their unstable reagents, and even more power to sustain them. In the hands of a master, however, the guardians can become powerful weapons capable of defending their posts until the end of time.
  • Soul Ripper - Soul rippers are the bane of the living, creatures born of the endless malice churning within Hell. Agile and swift, the rippers cover ground quickly by latching onto prey with their enormous tongues and then leaping on top of their victims. From this point, the ripper cannot be deterred: it has begun to feast.
  • Spider - The ubiquitous spider is one of the oldest and most adaptable creatures in the world. It also seems to have acquired an unfortunate susceptibility to magic. When exposed, the arachnids will increase dramatically in size and even cast spells. Due to this hazard, I recommend staying out of dark places whenever possible.
  • Spiderling - Spiderlings alone may seem unthreatening, but their presence should be a warning for travelers. For wherever there are spiderlings, there will be matriarchs, and the fully grown arachnids are extremely protective of their young. The spiderlings themselves possess strong appetites, allowing them to do considerable harm to a cornered adventurer.
  • Stinging Swarm - The deserts of Kehjistan are majestic, expansive, and... full of stinging swarms of insects. They may seem a minor nuisance, but these vermin carry numerous strains of pestilence. One of them was trapped in my boot once, and my foot swelled up to the size of a melon before the infection cleared! What horrible creatures!
  • Subjugator - Though the subjugators have always been powerful demon sorcerers, they constantly sought to increase their standing in the bloodthirsty realms of Hell. To this end, they imprisoned a score of massive armaddon, torturing and flaying them until the hellbeasts would bear subjugators as riders. Together, the mount and its master are nearly invincible.
  • Succubus - I once met a raving drunk who claimed he had wrestled with a succubus—a demonic creature that possesses the form and face of a beautiful woman. He said she cursed him and tore out the heart of his friend before he made a narrow escape! Really, young men are given to such exaggeration these days.
  • Thorned Stinger - The tormented stingers may resemble giant scorpions, but in truth they are molded from the bodies of human sacrifices. The demons twist their victims into the stingers' distinctive forms by slicing open their chests and viciously mutilating their legs. Maddened by pain, these creatures can poison their prey with a single strike.
Angiris Council
  • The Angiris Council is comprised of the five archangels who hold dominion over the High Heavens. They determine the laws by which all angels must abide. Each of them embodies a pure aspect of creation: valor, justice, hope, fate, and wisdom.
  • Auriel, Aspect of Hope - It is through the archangel Auriel that the power of hope flows into the fabric of creation. Her eternal light illuminates even the darkest souls. With Malthael's departure, it falls to Auriel to hold the Angiris Council together. Should her light ever fade, all Heaven would fall to despair.
  • Imperius, Aspect of Valor - Imperius, the archangel of Valor, is the greatest warrior in all of creation. He revels in war and combat and has led the hosts of Heaven to innumerable victories. With Malthael's absence, it is Imperius who now rules over the Angiris Council, seeking always to defend the High Heavens from any foe.
  • Itherael, Aspect of Fate - Knowledge of the future grants power over the present. For this reason, Itherael, the archangel of Fate, is a vital member of the Council. He alone possesses the ability to decipher the threads of destiny woven in the celestial Scroll of Fate. His boundless sight grants him perspective others cannot fully comprehend.
  • Malthael, Aspect of Wisdom - Much uncertainty surrounds the archangel Malthael. Once the calm guiding hand of wisdom, he was lost to us the moment the Worldstone disappeared. Unable to fathom that catastrophic event, he abandoned Heaven. His departure created a colossal fracture within the Council—one that, to this day, remains unrepaired.
  • Tyrael, Aspect of Justice - Tyrael, the archangel of Justice, is a being of balance and integrity. His compassion for mankind has compromised his standing within the Angiris Council. He alone recognizes the nephalem's capacity to transcend their divided heritage and become the true champions of creation.
Lords of Hell:
  • The Seven Lords of Hell - It is with some reluctance that I write on the seven Lords of Hell, for they are the greatest of the demons, and even whispering their names seems to poison the air around me. They are divided into the Lesser Evils (Belial, Azmodan, Duriel, and Andariel) and the Prime Evils (Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo).
  • Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish - Andariel was the only female Evil. She aided the Lesser Evils for many years, but eventually she lost faith in their plots. Two decades ago, she chose to help Diablo during his resurgence and seized the Citadel of the Sightless Eye. Ultimately, she perished at the hands of brave heroes.
  • Azmodan, the Lord of Sin - The Valrous manuscript lists Azmodan as the best battlefield commander of all demons, having defeated the angels many times in the Eternal Conflict across Pandemonium and the Prime Evils in the demonic civil war. If the Lord of Sin ever assaults our realm, we truly have much to fear.
  • Baal, the Lord of Destruction - Baal was the most brash and reckless of the Prime Evils. After the Dark Exile, he was contained within the Horadrim Tal Rasha and entombed. Centuries later, Diablo freed Baal, who then corrupted the Worldstone to devastating effect for the barbarians who lived near Mount Arreat. The heroes killed Baal shortly afterward.
  • Belial, the Lord of Lies - Belial, Lord of Lies, is the most elusive of the seven Evils and is a master of deceit. It is said that he manipulated Azmodan into revolt against the Prime Evils. This began the Burning Hells' civil war, which ended with the Dark Exile of the Prime Evils to our mortal realm.
  • Diablo, the Lord of Terror - Diablo was the youngest of the Prime Evils, but I found him the most dangerous, for his power over terror left him incapable of feeling fear. Though he had easily possessed and corrupted many humans, Diablo's essence was finally trapped in a soulstone and banished to the unfathomable Abyss twenty years ago.
  • Duriel, the Lord of Pain - Duriel is the twin of Andariel. I believe that they conspired together to assist Diablo in releasing Mephisto and Baal, though they had both supported the Lesser Evils in the past. The Lord of Pain was found guarding Baal's prison—the tomb of Tal Rasha—when he was slain by heroes.
  • Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred - The evil of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, was so pervasive that even after he had been defeated and entombed in a soulstone, his demonic essence oozed upwards into Travincal and corrupted the Zakarum priests. Though he fell to the same heroes who killed his brothers, I fear for us should he ever return.
Other Bosses:
  • Butcher - The truth about the Butcher demon was more startling than I ever anticipated. Evidently, there are many of them within the Burning Hells, though they used to be solely under Diablo's command. The butchers are stitched together from the parts of other demons to combine their strengths, then given life through wicked magic.
  • Cydaea, Maiden of Lust - Though Azmodan is close to all of his lieutenants, Cydaea is his special favorite. The Maiden of Lust is both beautiful and grotesque in appearance, with the torso of a woman and the legs of a spider. Her voice is said to be as smooth as honey, but she only speaks words of death.
  • Ghom, the Lord of Gluttony - Ghom is the largest of Azmodan's Sin Lieutenants, and he possesses no less than four mouths. Though his voracious appetite is certainly his greatest weapon, his bile and, well... "other" noxious excretions are equally lethal. When last seen in battle, the Lord of Gluttony swallowed half a dozen angels whole, spears and all.
  • Maghda, Leader of the Coven - When I joined the Coven, it was weak and idle. The leaders were content to do nothing, while the Prime Evils were imprisoned. I convinced another witch to help me poison them, and together we took control. She... left some years later, but I continued, bringing the Coven to glory under Lord Belial.
  • Rakanoth, the Lord of Despair - In the beginning, Rakanoth served Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish, with efficient brutality, for his touch may open up many painful wounds. He was also the warden of Izual during many long years that the angel suffered in Rakanoth's own Plains of Despair, but he has quit his realm unexpectedly in recent times.
  • The Spider Queen - Rumor holds that Archbishop Lazarus loosed a silent terror in the caves near Leoric's manor before he died. He labored for weeks over a group of unusually large spiders, and many of his servants quietly disappeared during this time... The largest creature led the others into the caves. None who have ventured there have returned.
Ghom's Log:
  • The human prisoners are panicking now? They must have noticed that fresh meat only comes after one of their number is dragged away, screaming... This will not hold. Slaughter the ones who starve themselves and feed them to their hungry friends. When those ones are fully stuffed... I will be ready to dine.
Missive to Magda:
  • This "hero" means to attack you in Alcarnus. If I were you, I would set a trap at the Khasim Outpost, but I am not you. For all I know, you wish to fail me again and force me to kill you. That would grieve me, though somehow... I think I could manage it.
  • Such sad, sad tales have reached me of your truly abysmal failure to stop the enemy at the Khasim Outpost. But at least the enemy's spy has been found. Once we eliminate her and her allies, this obnoxious little world will fall to me... and perhaps you. If you survive.
Orders from Maghda:
  • There is a new piece to the game, a girl named Leah. My spies tell me she is the child of the witch Adria, who is hiding in the deserts of Caldeum.
  • Bring this news to the master at once.
A Summoner's Journal:
  • Maghda is a fool. I will raise an army of souls from these primitives and chain them to my invincible will.
  • Yes, with these heathens at my command, the kingdoms of the world shall bow to the might of... the Lord of Goats!

    I may have to work on the title a bit more.
Leah's Journal parts 8-16:
  • Caldeum—everything Uncle Deckard left me leads to this place. It's strange; I first met him here when I was only a child... and now his loss feels heavier than ever. He was right about everything all along... We have to stop Belial before it's too late.
  • The city has many secrets, and I still remember most of them. I can get into Caldeum through the sewers if I avoid the Imperial Guard. While I'm out, my friend has sworn to take down Maghda. It won't bring Uncle Deckard back, but we'll all be relieved when she's gone.
  • After all this time, my mother is alive! I couldn't be happier, and yet it's still hard to accept that she never sent word to me or Uncle Deckard. She said that she wanted to keep me safe, but I just wish I'd known... Well, at least I have her now.
  • My mother has been teaching me magic and how to control my power, but I feel like I'm constantly disappointing her. She says that I have a gift, but it doesn't feel that way. Maybe it will improve if I keep practicing. For now, we are getting closer to the Black Soulstone, and that's what really matters.
  • We have the Black Soulstone at last, despite Zoltun Kulle's betrayal. I always knew he couldn't be trusted. Fortunately, we were able to defeat him and retrieve the stone. I learned that my mother had secretly bound the fallen Lords of Hell to it... I just wonder why she didn't tell me.
  • We've reached Bastion's Keep, but holding the Black Soulstone together takes up all of my time now. Sometimes I think of the wounded soldiers and their families outside... but then my concentration fails and the spells weaken. I must stay focused and trust my friend to save the keep and its people.
  • The days are hard. If it weren't for my mother standing beside me, I don't know what I'd do. She even watches the stone for a few hours each night so I can rest. Sometimes I dream I'm in New Tristram with Uncle Deckard again, and... it's hard to wake up after that.
  • Adria tells me that our friend has beaten back Azmodan's armies and the keep is safe now. I... I almost can't believe it.
  • The essences within the soulstone grow angrier—fiercer. They're fighting against me every moment now, and their darkness creeps around the edges of my mind... I must remain strong.
  • I thought I was going to die when I saw the demons' rage escape from the soulstone. Tyrael and my friend fought them, but I couldn't help. It was like I was watching them through a haze. What is the soulstone doing to me? Azmodan must die soon... Then I will be myself again.
The Creation of Sanctuary:
  • I knew Inarius long ago—when he was still among the angels. But he grew weary of battling the demons after a time, and he began to secretly conspire with demons in order to forge a peace. The demoness Lilith became his greatest ally in the Hells, and many other demons and angels joined his cause.
  • After he gained a following, Inarius stole the sacred Worldstone and used it to create and conceal a world he called Sanctuary. Demons and angels alike fled there, and some of them—including Inarius and Lilith—fell in love. Many of these unions resulted in children. They were called the nephalem.
  • Inarius was alarmed when he realized that the nephalem had the potential to surpass both angels and demons in power. He wished to limit their abilities, but Lilith demanded that they become her army. Their escalating conflict led to Sanctuary's discovery by the demon lords and the Angiris Council.
  • In the end, Lilith was banished and Inarius was given over to the demons, who have tortured him in the Hells ever since. Most of Inarius's followers were killed; those who remained shared an even darker fate. Despite the tragedy, I believe the nephalem may yet play a part in resolving the Eternal Conflict.
The Destiny of the Nephalem:
  • My scroll has shown me many things: beginnings, ends, and the endless chains of circumstance that bind them. I see no sunrise without seeing its sunset, no budding flower without its wilted ruin, no event without its appropriate and inevitable consequence. But there is one thing I cannot see: the nephalem.
  • Angels and demons are bound to their natures. Demons are given to chaos and deceit; angels to truth and order. That much is known. Some angels, like Inarius and Izual, have fallen, but the seed of goodness remains within them like a fading star in the lonely night. The nephalem alone have choice.
  • I know nothing of nephalem. My duties leave me no time to watch them, and I have no desire to follow Tyrael on his troubled path. But if the threads of fate should bring them here, how enlightening it would be! These creatures dwell outside the order... They cannot fathom the freedom they possess.
  • The nephalem were the most powerful beings to ever stride these lands, but the questions of their existence vex me still. Why did they die out? How can I access their secrets? And how am I to locate that unique, rare, singular person born possessing their power, as happens sporadically. Infrequent, to be sure, but it does occur.
  • How can I locate those possessing the nephalem birthright? What are the signs I need to be searching for? I must be ready to act should the opportunity present itself.
The History of Bastion's Keep:
  • Many centuries ago, King Korsikk built Bastion's Keep to "pen the barbarian threat" in the north. After years of military disasters, the frustrated king led a large army out of the fortress and into the north to conquer the barbarians once and for all. Not one of them came back.
An Abridged History of Caldeum:
  • Most commoners know Caldeum by reputation if not direct experience. The trade city has existed for thousands of years, predating even the Mage Clan Wars. Its neutral stance throughout the following centuries saved it from the destruction that visited the nearby city of Viz-jun and life—along with trade—carried on.
  • The trade consortium council has always been the ruling body of Caldeum, but it gained additional strength after the fall of the Vizjerei. The councilmen saw opportunity in the rapidly growing Zakarum faith, and they allowed the fanatics to build their enormous cathedral, Saldencal, within the center of the city.
  • Not content to reign supreme in commerce and religion, the trade consortium council aspired to make Caldeum a nexus of learning as well. It proposed to unite the mage academies in a massive new structure—the Yshari Sanctum—which has remained a beacon of knowledge and advancement ever since.
  • Caldeum changed drastically in recent years when the Kurast nobles all but invaded the city. Soon after, their emperor, Hakan I, joined them and made Caldeum his capital. Though his actions seemed audacious, he managed to bring further peace and prosperity to the city for the duration of his reign.
  • All was well under the new emperor until his untimely death forced the Zakarum priests to find a new heir for Kehjistan's throne. Through a series of elaborate rituals (undoubtedly a spectacle for their superstitious followers), they determined an impoverished infant in the north was Hakan I's spiritual successor.
  • After the Zakarum priests' rituals were complete, they employed a group of reckless mercenaries, the Iron Wolves, to retrieve the child. They dubbed him Hakan II and installed him on the throne despite his scant years. Caldeum has been in decline ever since, and I can see no reprieve in sight.
On the Desolate Sands:
  • We, the Zakarum, have endeavored to make Caldeum a city of mercy and salvation, but we have not yet been able to convince the emperors to change the ancient policy of exile. Prisoners convicted of treason are still sent to the Desolate Sands to die with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
  • In thousands of years of records, I cannot find a single account of a prisoner surviving exile to the Desolate Sands. The wastes are littered with bones that have been picked dry by the endlessly circling blood hawks or desperate lacuni. Those who die there meet their end without the sanctity of the Light.
  • The Zakarum scholar Brast wrote that the Desolate Sands were created after a mage-clan battle sent out explosive energies that devastated the entire area. But he doesn't account for the enormous skeletons... No one has ever identified them. Were they a lost race of giant beasts? Demons? Mythical dragons? We may never know.
Fall of the Barbarians:
  • I have been fortunate enough to learn much of the barbarians' complicated history in my time. Yet the origins of these large, mighty warriors are hazy at best. Legend holds that they are the offspring of Bul-Kathos, an ancient who embodied their ideals of strength, bravery, and courage.
  • The Children of Bul-Kathos settled in the Northern Steppes, an area that is now known as the Dreadlands. Theirs was primarily a nomadic and tribal culture, though they had a few permanent settlements such as Sescheron and Harrogath. A group of revered former warriors known as the elder council ruled the barbarians.
  • The barbarians have always defended their lands in the north from trespassers. They believe that it is their sacred charge to guard Mount Arreat and the Worldstone within it from the outside world. Unfortunately, their battle prowess and tenacity have been misinterpreted as bloodthirst and territorial savagery by soldiers in Westmarch.
  • Twenty years ago, Baal was loosed upon the world. He besieged the barbarian capital of Sescheron and used treachery to access the Worldstone Chamber, circumventing the three ancient guardians Talic, Madawc, and Korlic. In the end, he succeeded in corrupting the great artifact. Though Baal was slain by heroes, his damage was irreversible.
  • The archangel Tyrael shattered the corrupted Worldstone to prevent the demons from using it. But the impact of the explosion destroyed Mount Arreat, leaving a massive crater in its wake. With nothing to protect, the barbarians grew aimless and divided. Now they are scattered through the north among the ruins of their long history.
Izual's Descent:
  • The angel Izual was once Tyrael's lieutenant, but he was captured by the enemy after an ill-advised assault upon the Hellforge. Izual surrendered to demonic corruption and revealed the secrets of the soulstones to the Prime Evils. Tyrael claimed that Izual was slain years ago, but his replacement has never emerged from the Crystal Arch...
Zoltun Kulle:
  • Murderer. Torturer. Monster. These were the titles bestowed upon Zoltun Kulle by the Horadrim. Though it cost them dearly, they killed the wizard for his crimes against nature and sealed his broken corpse within a shadow realm. It seems they were afraid he might return.
Kulle's Journal:
  • Finally, I have unlocked the secret of the soulstones once given to the Horadrim by Tyrael. An impressive creation, to be sure, but one that I am certain can be duplicated. No, not just duplicated—improved upon. My soulstone will be made to contain the souls of many demons, or even angels!
  • I believe with this soulstone I will finally be able to unlock the true power of man. In ancient times, our kind possessed power unmatched in this dreary age. With the soulstone, I will be able to elevate myself to the strength of my ancestors.
  • The Black Soulstone will be my greatest work, my legacy, and my gift to humanity. There will be wars to come between man and the creatures of Heaven and Hell. The power housed within my stone is the very thing needed to set mankind free from demons and angels forever.
  • The wards have been triggered. It seems my brothers have finally come looking for me. Damn them! I am not ready. Too much of my power is invested in the stone's creation. I must finish it. The future of mankind depends on it...
Hunter's Journal:
  • We are in agreement. Kulle the renegade must be stopped. He seeks to duplicate the power of the stones and wield it for his own ends. He is obsessed with the powers of Heaven and Hell. Drawing their attention will only bring doom to us all.
  • We set out in one week's time into the Desolate Sands to search for Kulle's hidden archives. None of us have any idea what to expect. How far has Kulle's madness driven him? How much power has he accumulated in his mad quest? I can only hope we are not too late...
  • We found Kulle's archives. They were strangely empty... at first. But Kulle laid traps everywhere. Each step harder than the next. It was foolish to expect otherwise. Kulle has prepared for many years for someone to come for him. Perhaps we are fools, and yet we must push on.
  • Try as we might, Kulle simply cannot be killed. His cursed blood sustains him. He bleeds sand, and his laughter mocks us. There is only one course of action left to us. We will separate his body and his head, and hide the body within the shadow realm.
  • We will seal the shadow locks with vials of his blood, and we will hide the blood in the desert under eternal guard. I can only hope that the world does not forget of Kulle's evil, and his blood remains undisturbed beneath the shifting sands.
  • Kulle mocks my every step. I try to shut him out, but his chattering is ceaseless. He takes joy in taunting me. I will not rise to the bait. I will not give in to him. I long for the silence that will come once I secure his head away.
Iron Wolf Captain's Journal:
  • Another sunset, and Alcarnus is still safe from the sudden madness that plagues Caldeum. Though we are seeing an influx of hooded pilgrims for some Zakarum holy day, the... demons out there are keeping their distance. I will double the guard at the gate. We must not be unprepared if our luck turns.
Morgan's Journal:
  • Transferring to Bastion's Keep is as dull as I imagined. The soldiers spend most of their time gambling. I guess this is what I should expect from this hollowed-out rock, a shadow of its former glory. Still, I am here to provide for Anna. I hope she is well.
  • The captain looked grim today. A messenger came in the middle of the night. They know something they aren't telling us. Maybe coming here was a bigger mistake than I thought...
  • The demons came at night, silent as death; the night watch was overrun in moments. Since then it's been an endless massacre. Those creatures... they're straight out of a nightmare. I don't think I'll be going home after all. I'm sorry, Anna...
Notes of Urik, the Seer:
  • Long I have labored to master the dark arts. Now I finally reap the rewards, for Maghda has acknowledged me! She promised me a special task that will bring endless glory to the Great One. I can hardly rest until she reveals it on the morrow!
  • Goatmen! All of my labors were for a bunch of rotten, stinking goatmen! Maghda claims that they will become our most valuable allies and that the task is one that she can entrust to no one but me, but I know my place. I am most bruisingly humbled.
  • Enslaving the goatmen was easier than I anticipated. My magic seemed to reignite the savagery deep within them, and they flocked to me in hordes. A few escaped—those who understood the fate of their people—but they are too weak to counter my spells. The Moon clan attacks at my command!
Priest's Contemplations:
  • One of the men retrieved a strange artifact in his nets. It looked like a hilt of an ancient blade, but I know it must be more. The fisherman argued with me, but I convinced him to leave it in the safety of the chapel. A holy place for a holy relic.
  • When the church of the Zakarum sent me here, I assumed that my village would be simple and untroubled. To be honest, I was relieved. Corruption has struck down many a greater man than I, and such a quiet place could've been my salvation. But everything changed when disaster struck the Tristram Cathedral.
Necromancer's Log:
  • Two decades ago, my mentor faced the forces of evil and emerged victorious. I cannot hope to surpass his achievements, but I will try to bring balance to the raging forces that threaten to tear the world asunder in these days. The spirits are restless near Caldeum. I must quiet them.
The Feared Hero:
  • We camp, lying in wait for a hero of incredible prowess. My gut churns with the suspicion that we are simply fodder. I have heard tales of this hero wading through our ranks, slaughtering us as if we were children. I will not sleep again tonight, I fear.
A Page from Lazarus' Grimoire:
  • The time of my lord's true awakening is at hand. That fool Leoric was only able to resist him because he did not yet possess his full power. With the queen dispatched as a traitor, I may now devote myself fully to preparing the boy for the presence of my master...
Orders from Azmodan:
  • Bastion's Keep has nearly fallen. Many of you have already gorged yourselves on blood and manflesh, but do not let your feasting delay you. I would have the keep and its commander in my possession before the next dawn. The rest of this world will fall soon after.
  • The imbecile who slew my brother, Belial, now means to aid the keep's beleaguered soldiers. He brings a girl with him... She could undo us all. But I am not Belial; he was weak and cowered behind his disguises. Of course they failed him! We will seize our victory through bloodshed.
  • The men actually think that they can hide behind their paltry little walls! But they have only had a glimpse of the full host of Hell. We will see them drown in our tide of sin! The girl is still weak, and their "hero" will not expect us to attack from below. Send in the ravening beast...
  • My brothers grow impatient within the soulstone. Yes, I can hear them even down here. Their voices are so pitiful and small that they almost amuse me. Yet they are my prize, not the nephalem's... or the girl's, for that matter. This is not her time. This... is the Age of Sin.
  • There is nothing I loathe more than failure. You know this well, but if any of you need a further lesson, I will have you delivered into the Circle of Wrath with great haste. The enemy is strong, but he cannot pass the demon gate. Secure it, or your lives will be forfeit.
  • I have need of your... ample services. Drag yourself out of whatever carnal corner of the Burning Hells you lounge in, and bring your daughters with you. Be wary—the enemy has proven to be both cunning and strong. But the mortals have always been easy prey for you, have they not?
Deceiver's Orders:
  • Keep the witch alive until she talks. Pain will loose her tongue, but only to a point. Remember what happened with the vizier's assistant...? It was a pleasurable time, I admit, but the man had only incoherent babble and bloody strands of pus spilling from his lips by the end.
  • Overwhelm the enemy and seize her companions. There is a witch among them and... another... a girl. Bring them to me along with the Black Soulstone. They will be searching for the head of Zoltun Kulle. Scour the oasis for it. Some old sorcery lingers on the skull, and it must be mine.
  • Miserable wretches,
  • I have no time for your excuses. Caldeum is on the brink of rebellion, and the enemy is closing in on the archives of Zoltun Kulle. Slaughter her and bring me the mad wizard's head and the Black Soulstone, or I shall inflict incomprehensible agony upon the lot of you.
The Ancient Portal Device:
  • We have found the key to the ancient device, but I fear that these treasures will cost us our lives. At least my brother and I have made it this far, and we are still alive. Dare we use this machine?
The Chamber of Faces:
  • The vault door is sealed by magic means. The stone faces upon the ground seem to have some reaction to our presence. We would investigate further, but our intrusion has woken something in these halls. We should not linger.


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