Achievements, Item Affixes, Boss Info, Legendary Item Information, Set Items, and Monster Affixes

You probably noticed a lot of pictures of the official Diablo 3 guide all over the internet and the forums lately. We went through absolutely everything available to us and spent an awful lot of time transcribing every blurry picture out there to give you an awesome list of data.

However, the guide is huge and there is no way we could share it all. You really should pick up the strategy guide yourself to get all the amazing information that's inside. There is also a Limited Edition version that comes with a nice Diablo III bookmark as well as a digital version (not a .pdf) of the guide!

And now, it's time for a massive dose of fresh Diablo 3 data!

Diablo III - Achievements, Item Affixes, Boss Statistics, Legendary Item Information, Set Items, and Monster Affixes
We have been working for hours attempting to round up all the information out there. We had massive help from Overneathe, Doomscream, Daemaro, snowhammer, and Longview from mmoc. getting this information setup for you all. If you couldn't guess this information IS A SPOILER. We have achievements you may not have seen. We also have Boss statistics on each of the act bosses! You have been warned.


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