Official BradyGames Diablo 3 Strategy Guide Preview (Inferno Monster Stats, Monster Affixes, Achievements)

Unlock #9 - Class Wallpapers
The 90% unlock has just ticked. We have five all new class wallpapers! This means only 10% until the new animated short is unlocked, so hurry!

Spoiler Warning: Though at first glance this just looks like basic info, some more serious spoilers are locked away in "Monster Locations", as well as a few other things such as Inferno level monster stats (even for SK), Locations (where monsters are located). Monster Affixes, oh and, achievements.

Official BradyGames’ Diablo III iPad Strategy Guide
We have a quick preview of the official Diablo III strategy guide put out by BradyGames for the ipad. You will also be able to pick up a physcial version of this guide as well as a limited edition version. Big thanks to bobrock1982 for posting on the forums about the find!


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