Waller Affix, Framerate, Rare Drops, Treasure Goblin, and G4 Game Contest

Patch 16 - Rare Waller Affix
The Waller affix that was first found "Beyond the Gate" seems to have a different effect based on if the mobs is part of a champion pack or is a rare. Found on the we saw before on the champion pack.

FPS Smoother at Release
The Diablo III beta is still just that, a beta. The shipped version of the game will run even smoother than the beta when it comes to frames per second.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

It let's me in the game all right, but it's in slow motion and not at all fun to have such low frame rates even with all of the settings turned down.
Bear in mind that the beta has its own FPS issues simply because it's a beta; Diablo III won't be optimized until release. My custom-built gaming system can't play the beta smoothly either, but it will be fine on release. Blizzard betas are genuine betas, unlike the glorified demos that some companies refer to as a "beta".

Still, it is no consolation for those with newer laptops with the intel 4 series chipset, which isn't supported. Why?
Speaking honestly, the Intel 4 series is equivalent in power to the Geforce 5200FX which came out in 2003. My sympathies for having one. It's performance was so poor that the backlash from it spurred Intel to finally get serious about designing a somewhat decent onboard video option, and that led us to the Intel HD series. The HD series still isn't as good as a real video card, but at least you can usually count on most games to be playable.

More on Rare Drops
There was more information given on just how frequent rares would drop from both bosses and barrels.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The SK only drops yellow on your first kill of him per character.
That is incorrect.The possibility of a boss (or anything, really) dropping magic gear or rare gear when you kill him remains intact on kills subsequent to your first. The probability may change, but it does not change to a probability of zero.

To be clear: On your first kill of a boss in normal difficulty, you are guaranteed a random rare and a class rare, as well as some blues and other stuff. All other kills on all difficulties result in standard drop probabilities. You have a decent chance of getting a rare or two every time you kill a boss.

If they do drop 1/100 later that is probably fine, or better than fine, but why not just make that the "rate" earlier?
I don't know what the drop rates of magic and rare gear from barrels are, but I hope they're way less likely than 1/100.
... because you only need to see that yellow helm flying out of a broken barrel once to change how you see the game forever.

Beta Bestiary
With Patch 16, the Treasure Goblin had some changes to its vulnerability to movement impairing effects. The DiabloWiki.com - Treasure Goblin Treasure Goblin is an elusive demon. Serving the demon of Greed, the Treasure Goblin looks to steal treasures from others and escape with them. Treasure Goblins will constantly run from your attacks with no offensive abilities. However, if you do not kill them fast enough, they will open a portal and disappear. If you manage to kill the demon, a bounty of treasure awaits you.

G4 Game Contest
G4 is holding a contest for best video game story. Right now, Diablo II is up against Knights of the Old Republic after beating out Resident Evil 4 in the first round. It's a close match right now so make sure to let them know how great the story of Diablo truly is.


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