Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs
Blizzard is known for including tons of Easter Eggs in all of their games. From the obvious to the obscure, they take every chance to poke a little fun into their games. Diablo is no exception. Diablo II had dozens of them with the most famous being the secret cow level. A poke at the idea that many players claimed clicking on the cow enough times in Diablo I would open a secret cow level.

Diablo III is just one more game for Blizzard to hide these little nuggets of joy. From the limited beta and information we have so far, there are already plenty for us to find. Both in-game and in the community site, there have been Easter Eggs discovered all over.

Most in-game Easter Eggs found so far have been little pockets of nostalgia to the Diablo II players. The first is a cave that will randomly appear in the Weeping Hollow. DiabloWiki.com - The Den of the Fallen The Den of the Fallen is a throw back to the first quest from Diablo II where you had to cleanse the Den of Evil. Another Easter Egg within the Easter Egg is the corpse of Bishibosh, although there has been the outcry that Bishibosh was actually in the Cold Plains and not in the Den of Evil but its nice to see the work of our previous heroes none-the-less. You may also notice a familiar rare zombie that meets you at the end of the tunnel.

Second, you can find a dead corpse to click on with the name of Warriv. You might remember him as the NPC who helps you travel from the Rogue Encampment to Lut Gholein. Clicking on him will drop a journal that you can listen to for some more in-depth lore.

The next two are a couple of drops that elude back to the previous two games. The first was found when clicking on an anvil in the burnt remains of Old Tristram. Clicking on the anvil would sometimes randomly drop a legendary sword; Griswold's Edge to be exact. The sword was an item found in both earlier games with Griswold being the Blacksmith from Diablo I. The second Easter Egg drop was a DiabloWiki.com - Black Mushroom Black Mushroom. The Black Mushroom was also found as part of a quest given in Diablo I from Adria the Witch, who also happens to be playing a bigger role in the newest game.

Some more hidden treasures can be found in the game. These are more of a little extra due credit to those who helped make Diablo III. In some areas, you can find some burial tombs with the World Artists' names displayed. Also, within the game files, each developers' names are used for monsters.

There is also a mysterious glow coming from the ground on the Road to Old Tristram. While not confirmed, the location would put it in a very similar location as the crack in Diablo I that lead to Hell and Diablo.

Not all Easter eggs are found in the game though. There have been a few found in the community forums. The first was a fun little surprise presented to the community as a riddle. Eventually the riddle was figured out and Nyan Cow was discovered. A joke that pokes fun of the popular Youtube video "Nyan Cat" as well as a throw back to the ever popular Secret Cow Level.

Another hidden gem is the mysterious Chat Gem. While it has always been poked fun of at the expense of those who clicked it a million times in Battle.net, an actual purpose was given to it on the Official Diablo III forums. When clicking on the gem in the skill calculator, it will auto-generate a random build for you.

One final Easter egg was found within the game files that were dug through when the beta came out. With both a throw back to the cow level as well as a joke about the "colorful" look of Diablo III, the development team chose some choice words to help disguise some events that will unfold. It should be noted that the words used in the game files do not literally represent what they mean and represent something entirely different in the game. Game files have been found with the following:

DiabloFans Quote:

A4_1000MonsterFight_Encounter_Name Boss: Battle For Ponies
A4_1000MonsterFight_Taunt_Text The battle for ponies is about to begin.
BridlePurpose_Encounter_Name The Pinnacle of Ponies Event
CowBell: When the demons come, close your eyes and ring this... it takes you far, far away...;

While there may be more to find in the beta, there will certainly be more to find when Diablo III is finally released on May 15. So, keep your eyes peeled and feel free to share with the community any and all that you find.


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