Diablo 3 - From a modders perspective, Interview with a Fan Artist - Tepes, Curse Gaming Bracket

Diablo 3 - From a modders perspective
malu05, who also posted about his Diablo 3 Machinima Tool awhile ago, posted a new video on our forums today! It is a rather neat look at Diablo 3!

Interview with a Fan Artist - Tepes by ScyberDragon
Tepes has shared a lot of his Diablo inspired art with us here on DiabloFans with his King Leroic most recently. We got a chance to talk with the artist and ask him some questions about his art.

DiabloFans Quote:

DiabloFans: What is you inspiration as an artist?
Tomasz: My main interests are dark and heroic fantasy. tales about Conan by Robert E. Howard made a big impression on me. As a child, I read a lot of comics and that also had a big influence on me. My favorite comics artist is Simon Bisley, known from such a comics as "Lobo", "Death Dealer", "Judgment on Gotham" and "Slain". However, the biggest impression always the paintings of Frank Frazetta, and apocalyptic visions of Zdzisław Beksiński.

DiabloFans: Why do you particularly like drawing characters from the Diablo Franchise?
Tomasz: Diablo is my favorite game from the dark fantasy domain. The feature of it covers my interests in 100%. I walked across this feature form beginning to the end. There are many amazing threads and figures related with them. People often proceed beside of story of that game- I did't. For me this subject is interesting enough, so i must add something from myself- and if I like to draw...

DiabloFans: What is your experience with playing the Diablo games?
Tomasz: I played Diablo for a long time, I don't remember a moment when I started. When the first time I joined Diablo 1, I fell in love. That incredible satanic and mystic atmosphere...- I failed to break away from it. I finished this game and used all of the characters a million times. But when my sorcerer carried 5 wands of Apocalypse, then the fun was over because enemies gave me no resistance any longer.

Later came the sequel of Diablo and it took many years of my life. First, I played in single player, but when I started to play on battlenet, then the real fun began. I remember days, when all day long I was try to find hot ip, to hunt DC (Diablo Clone). Once I attained success, and killed him two times within same day.
To this day I sometimes turn up on battlenet, but with smallest frequency.

DiabloFans: Out of all of your Diablo art, which is your favorite and why?
Tomasz: I have never reflected about this before, but i think it's "Archon"- which is somehow connected and inspired of the Diablo realm. It's hard to talk about my own works, so I don't know why- maybe for expression?

DiabloFans: How many hours did it take you complete your latest work, King Leoric?
Tomasz: I don't count. I think something around 4 hours for sketch, and next 10 Photoshop.
Of course, that hours extend for a few days work.

DiabloFans: What program, tools, and methods did you use for this piece?
Tomasz: You can see review of my work progression in my deviant art gallery. If someone is curious, I invite you to my deviant profile.
First I draw a sketch, scanning and put it to Photoshop, then grading, put textures and lighting up.

DiabloFans: What was your favorite part about doing this piece?
Tomasz: Every time my favorite part is lighting up. This is time when art is almost ready, so it's only pleasure- something like decorating the Christmas tree when we were young.

DiabloFans: What was your least favorite part?
Tomasz: The most hardest, but also the most creative part of making illustration it's always the sketch. Composition must be considered- this is the "skeleton"(framework) of illustration.

DiabloFans: What future Diablo art do you have planned?
Tomasz: In this moment, I'm working in duet with my friend at Diablo comic. Currently we are still in stage of scenario, but maybe soon the first boards will arise. We hope Blizzard will gave us license agreement to this comic book- we will think about it later.
Of course, at the same time surely I will make some another single Diablo arts- but i don't know precisely what will be subject of it.

DiabloFans: Is there anything else you would like to share with the Diablo and DiabloFans community?
Tomasz: I can only encourage everyone to try make something creative, and hope soon I will meet with some of you in Diablo 3 realm.

Best regards!
Tomasz Pilarz.

You can check out more of Tomasz's work here on the forums in the Fan Art Section and you can follow his work on Deviant Art and Facebook.

Curse Gaming Bracket Challenge
Round five of the Curse Gaming Bracket Challenge has started! Mephisto lost to Sarah Kerrigan, and Diablo lost to Tyrael! However its not to late to make sure a Diablo character wins! Tyrael is still left and is going up against Sarah Kerrigan, so go vote for Tyrael!


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