Barbarian Patch 15 Preview , CE Items, Blue Posts, Sword of Justice Issue 3, Beta Screenshots

Skill Calculator Being Updated
It looks like the official skill calculator is in the process of being updated to patch 15 info! Thanks to Moondude for posting.

Diablo III - Beta Patch 15 Barbarian Abilities
Just a quick video showing off all the abilities the barbarian has in patch 15

Confirmation On CE Items Being Unique
Though we were told in the past items in the CE would be unique only to the CE. A few people worried this may no longer be the case. Bashiok posted confirming that they are still unique only to the CE.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

All of the Collector's Edition in-game items are absolutely exclusive to the Collector's Edition. It seems the screenshot you linked is of some datamined content, which doesn't accurately reflect what's available in the game.

The wings are exclusive to the Collector's Edition.
The dye colors are exclusive to the Collector's Edition.
The banner sigil is exclusive to the Collector's Edition.

Don't worry. Be happy.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Merchant Stock Quantities
Merchants do not sell more than one of any rare (gold) or higher items they offer. (Blue Tracker/Official Forums)

Beta Achievements and Feedback
Why have ones that are beta specific?
In order to test that part of the game.The beta test is an ongoing test of different game systems. Testers provide Blizzard with valuable feedback about the game.

A lot of people forget about the word "test" in beta test. They see it as a consumer preview instead of a phase of testing.
That doesn't necessarily equate to a negative. "Consumer previewers" contribute as much as other testers in providing data to those parts of the beta test that are being measured on the server side.

Even feedback like "I wish that beta play earned me a permanent reward of some sort" is valuable, since we want beta testers to want to participate.

Can you guys confirm or deny that the amount of items on the website (legendary and sets) is less then final game?
I can confirm it's far less than the final game. (Source)

Sword of Justice Issue #3 Now Available
If you have been keeping up with the Sword of Justice comic series, the third issue is now available!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

From the explosive team of Aaron Williams (North 40) and Joseph Lacroix (L'Encyclopédie du mal) comes Diablo: Sword of Justice.

A horrific plague of madness is spreading throughout the Dreadlands, transforming its victims into bloodthirsty savages. The only hope of stopping the affliction before it consumes mankind may lie with Jacob, a wanted fugitive whose destiny is bound to the Archangel Tyrael's legendary Sword of Justice.

Jacob’s struggle to elude a group of deranged kinsmen hunting him for the crime of murder continues in issue #3 of the Sword of Justicecomic series. As his enemies close in, Jacob taps into the true potential of Tyrael's enchanted blade. Yet with his newfound power comes a difficult choice: to pursue freedom, or to return to his plague-ridden home of Staalbreak and face his troubling past.

DC Comics on comiXology
Local Comic Retailers

Diablo 3 Beta Screenshots
Some fun leveling Screenshots of the - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter along with a random Monk who joined the game!


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