Diablo 3 Now Active for Wow Annual Pass Holders, Blue posts, Curse Gaming Bracket and Weekly Round Up

Diablo 3 Now Active for Wow Annual Pass Holders
After a rather long day without Battle.net's website, Wow Annual Pass Holders were greeted with a new Diablo 3 dashboard page. The game is now marked as "Active" with the following message:

Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Thank you for pre-purchasing Diablo III. We will notify you by email when the game client becomes available for download. You will be able to play on Diablo III launch day.

More Classes
With Diablo III on the cusp of release, people are already looking to the future. Particularly, the idea of what other classes they may add in the future expansions.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I'm in no way aware of any future ideas or plans for classes that may or may not be considered for the future ... I wish I was! But I'm not. That out of the way, personally I really like the idea of demonic or angelic 'inflicted' class. It was something we explored with the demon hunter, who at one time had a demonic arm (reference BlizzCon 2010 gameplay panel for visuals). I think that'd be interesting to explore, especially on the angelic side. I'm really into Paladin/holy warrior classes, and that infused with angelic powers and visuals would probably be pretty close to my perfect class I think. I just don't really know what implications that has on lore.

The monk hits it pretty close, though, and the barbarian is definitely out for noble (if not selfish) causes. I'm personally in love with each of the five classes we have right now, and am still torn on which one to play first on launch day... (leaning towards WD)

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

are the beta test servers placed in the us? the reason why im bothering you with that is due to my constant 300 ms :o
Yes, the only beta hardware currently active is based in the US. (Source)

I need your confirmation on something non announcement related, are the Weeping Hollows formerly the Cold Plains?
No, those are two different areas. (Source)

Easter Eggs
Fair enough. I'd recommend not over thinking easter eggs too much, though. :) (Source)

Curse March Gaming Bracket
Curse is now in its second round of voting. Make sure to head over and vote to show support for your favorite franchise, Diablo.

Curse Weekly Roundup
For those of you who like more than just Diablo, here is Curse's Weekly Roundup


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