Wizard Spells, Enemies Will Do Double Damage, Twitter, ERROR_315300, GDC and CeBIT

Update: Added Jay Wilson's reply on Twitter.

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Looking forward to #ME3. Unfortunately I'm off to GDC tomorrow. No, not to announce anything, and not sign of release. (Source)

Beta Patch 13 - Wizard Spells
We have a quick look at each of the spells/runes the wizard has available this time around in patch 13

Enemies Will Do Double Damage Come Patch 14

Originally Posted by Jay Wilson (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Doubled monster damage from levels 1-13 (trailing off to level 20). Feels pretty good! Hopefully we can keep it. (Source)

Has this been applied to the beta ?
I believe it will be in the next Beta patch, but please don't ask me when it's getting released, I don't know. :) (Source)

Blue Posts/Twitter

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Armor reduce ALL damage or only physical damage ? Thanks
All damage. There's a Physical Resist stat specifically for physical. (Source)

Bash, can you clarify my concerns here?
If boss runs are viable they'll become the best way to play the game again. We want people out and exploring. (Source)

Huh? who else should know? sorry that and some other stuff looks like no one knows anything. :)
We don't know specific beta patch times/dates very far ahead of time. We push them as soon as they are ready. (Source)

Why don't you talk about something people care about like how your damn weekend was?!
My weekend was pretty good. Lot of work on the game mostly. (Source)

This error is something we have posted before, but more and more of our users seem to be having this issue. If you have the Diablo 3 Beta activated on your account, but are greeted with ERROR_315300 (Wrong account/Password) you should report on the Blizzard forums with the following

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hi everyone,

This is a follow-up from this thread. If you are still getting ERROR_315300 and it is not because of an incorrect account name, password, or extra spaces in either of those, please include your information here. In addition, I need your D3Debug.txt files. Here is how to get them:

1. Launch D3 Beta.
2. Reproduce this bug.
3. As soon as you get the error, exit the Beta.
4. Go to the main folder where you installed D3 Beta.
5. Open the Release folder.
6. Copy the D3Debug.txt file to your desktop.
7. Open the file in Notepad and edit out your e-mail address.
8. Upload the edited file to pastebin.com
9. Link the file back here.

Thank you!

Hey guys,

Thank you very much for your logs and information. We got a lot of good info out of this thread.

This is just to let you know that we are still hard at work on the problem. Your information has helped a lot, so we are checking out just what is wrong with our authentication servers.

GDC Reminder
There are two interesting expos this week in which representatives of Blizzard Entertainment will be participating. The first and most significant being the Game Developers Conference (GDC). There's a number of cool things happening on this event like the Flash Forward session or the 12th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards, which will be live-streamed. The Blizzard developers making an appearance include: You can see the whole schedule for all of the speakes here. Also there will be a up-to-the minute live coverage of the GDC stage sessions and events on Gamasutra.

CeBIT Starts Tomorrow

Moving next to CeBIT, which is held in in Hannover, Germany and starts on March 6. Blizzard Entertainment will be showcasing the Diablo III beta, also you’ll have the chance to win some nice prizes — including Diablo III beta keys.
Stream: ESL TV
More details: ESL news / CeBIT website


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