Fists of Thunder Runed, Balance, Poll Recap, Beta Screenshots

Monk - Fists of Thunder Runed
Today, we have a look at all five effects from the runes on the Monk's - Fists of Thunder Fists of Thunder. As always, please keep in mind this may not reflect how it will look in the retail version of the game. Balance Max vs RMAH
As you know there is a limit currently on your max Balance. Whether or not this will affect the RMAH has been on peoples minds.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Can you just answer yes or no... will the RMAH have a 200$ a day limit?
I believe that limit is on your Balance, not the auction house itself.(source)

Poll Recap - Which Follower?
When we highlighted some polls going around DiabloFans, one asked which - Follower Follower you planned on using. With the - Templar Templar being the only one we have seen in action, the majority of the vote went to him. Second to that, a lot of players chose the option that they will be using their friend as a follower, The remaining two followers trailed far behind although it may be biased as we have yet to see just how beneficial they are.

Beta Screenshots
This batch of beta screenshots starts of with a - Wizard Wizard blasting away some skeletons with his disintegrate skill, trying to out kill the summoning powers of the - Tomb Guardian Tomb Guardian. In the next screenshot, we join a - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor mid-leveling to 11 in an explosion destroying the remains of his slaughter. Last, we have a - Barbarian Barbarian taking out his rage on a harmless scarecrow with his - Hammer of the Ancients Hammer of the Ancients ability while a zombie watches in awe.


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