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Public Chat Channels Will Be In
Turns out Public Chat Channels will be in diablo 3! Not only that they will be in an upcoming beta patch!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Soooooo... hey everyone. How's it going? Good? Weather ok? Great... so, right... You know how sometimes you say something that's stupid and wrong and then people very reasonably get upset and create a lot of threads and discussions and demands with some pretty reasonable reasons for the thing you said wouldn't happen but then it turns out that you're stupid and wrong and the things you said are completely the opposite of what's actually true?

Yeah. So that happened. Public chat channels will be in Diablo III, barring any catastrophe that requires we remove them, because they're already implemented. In fact they'll be in an upcoming beta patch so you'll get to see and play around with them yourselves.

I'm not sure I can offer any explanation as to the incorrectness of my statements, except that I believed them to be correct when I made them. I apologize, and I'll strive to not be stupid and wrong in the future.

More info on the chat feature, and others, to come in the weeks ahead. Thanks for sticking with it, and me.

The Diablo 3 Map
Remember playing Diablo II and having the fullscreen map up the entire time you were playing so you could find your way through the randomized map? Well you cannot anymore. Diablo III was purposely designed to get players to look at the graphics and not a map while playing.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

You are very much correct in your statement that this was a deliberate design choice, Caelestis. We did not want to have the Diablo II scenario where people just stared at a dot on a map to guide themselves through an area. We made the map full screen, completely opaque and prevented commands from being sent while it is open to stop this from occurring. We also like the concept that your character has to take a few moments and stop so that they can get their bearings :)

Activision-Blizzard Investor Call
As we said before the Activision-Blizzard Investor Call will be happening tomorrow. Fear not though, you will not have to sit through the whole call, just take Bashiok's advice and check the front page tomorrow starting at 1:30 pm PST as scyberdragon and I keep you updated with whats going on in the call.

Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I always recommend people do not listen to them and just get highlights from their favorite fansite.

Poll Recap - Your Favorite Class
A whileback, we highlighted some polls that were going around the forums. Since then, we have been showcasing the winners of the poll to show the community just what everyone thinks. This time, we would like to share the Favorite Class Poll. While this question is asked multiple times, it is interesting to see how exactly the numbers change with patches and more information about the classes. Currently, the - Monk Monk has etched the top spot of your favorite class. With a mere two votes behind him is the other melee class, the - Barbarian Barbarian. While the - Wizard Wizard was not too far behind these guys, the - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor and - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter consistently remain at the bottom of the barrel. While I am sure these figures will change when the game actually comes out, overall there seems to be a pretty balanced love for all five classes.

Diabolesques - Patch 10
calavera666 is back with two new episodes of the Diabloesques. Hitting punch lines on some of the more controversial changes from Patch 10, check them out whether you love or hate the changes.


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