Bashiok Answers Questions, Known Achievement Issues

Bashiok Answers Questions
Late last night Bashiok answered questions on Twitter for a little over an hour! A good deal of these questions are things we already know but we were able to get a little bit of new information. Here is a quick rundown on some of the key points.
  • The Rune system appears to be finished
  • We should see the new skill system in an upcoming beta patch
  • We will see a some class balance in this patch
  • We should expect to get another Jay Wilson article "Soon" with information about the rest of the changes
  • There will not be a voice chat built into Diablo 3
  • Halls of the dead (for hardcore characters) did not make it in, its on their "to do list"
  • There will most likley not be any pre-order bonus from blizzard
  • Guild features will come after release at some point
  • They plan to update and support Diablo 3 for a long time into the future
  • They like to keep the level with the content, this means we might see level increases with expansions
  • You should be able to understand the story, even if you have not played D1 or D2
  • The graphics in the beta are AS IS for retail (AKA no "ultra mode")

Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Runes/Skill System
Any word when news about runes will be released?
We're planning that out. Its in and working. Not too much longer.

Does this include the skill system?
Skill and rune systems are intrinsically linked.

Any update on the runes rework?

I like the changes to skillswap with cooldown BUT why is there a cooldown when you are in town?
It's a rough first implementation. It was wrangled in very shortly before the patch went out.

Will we see the new skill system in Beta, or will it likely not appear till release?
It will appear in beta.

Yes, why did all of the good classes from D2 not make it to D3?
We didn't want to make Diablo 2.5. We want to do new stuff! They're fun classes, give me a chance.

what's the most OP class to roll?
Hopefully they all feel OP. :) Balance!

Is a melee Wizard still viable with the new stat system etc? Was very interested to try that ^_^

forum feedback still says DH feels less powerful than other classes; perception or real thing? any plans?
Overall we agree. Next patch (?) there will be a number of class changes.

How exactly does the Archon ability change the spells the Wizard cast?
You're given a specific set of new skills you can only use while in Archon.

will xpacs increase level caps or just new content/items? Thanks for the outreach!
We're still just working on the game, but our philosophy is that levels should match the content. If that answers your question.

Do you guys plan to have expansion for Diablo 3 still? if so would it be a class/content or just conten. Ect.
We think it makes sense, but we're focusing on releasing the game first. :)

Is it possible we will see a return of the Amulet feature in an expansion?
Anything is possible. That kind of secondary item-based stat augmentation is real cool though. Perfect for later on.

Will there be higher texture and / or graphics settings closer to release? For example, Starcraft 2 has an ultra mode.
No what we have is what we have. We could add an Ultra setting if you'd like, but it wouldn't be any different. :)

Can you address the framerate issues that many of us are experiencing in the Beta? I.E.Stuttering and mass slowdowns during killing
From what I've seen people have been finding some workarounds. (check tech forums) But we're aware of it.

Game Design
Can we expect another front page "post" (Like the Jay Wilson one) regarding the rest of the changes?
I would.

One of the reason why diablo 2 was such a succes was that it was getting better over the years, will diablo 3 follow that patern?
We're fully designing and planning for Diablo III to be supported long into the future.

is the retail release of the game the entirety of the content we'll see for a while or will there be content patches ala WoW?
Well, WoW is a subscription game. We'll have patches. New items, probably. New zones or bosses? Probably not.

ie 2.3 - 4.5 dmg even though in game it shows a rounded value? Getting strange values for what dps should be compared to displayed.
Very possible, but it's not going to matter for long. You won't be doing single or even double digit damage for long.

will the colorblind mode be implemented during beta?
Do we need one? Would appreciate feedback in a forum thread if there's specific issues.

Max players per game. 4 or 8?

Do you have plans on later expanding the 4 player cap? 4 seems low. I mean, there ARE 5 classes...
No plans.

How big is the game in comparison to D2?
I dont know. Around the same I suspect.

Do you get to influence the game design at all outside of being the CM? If so, what did you help with?
I complain all the time but I'm usually wrong. :) All the good stuff comes from the community.

Do you ever see the D3 team abandoning the PvE balance always trumps PvP balance Philosophy? (I hope the answer is no)
I don't know. Hard to speak in absolutes.

hardcore requires a softcore play through correct?

The current chat sound is annoying/out of place, Can you guys bring back D2 "chk!" Sound instead of the "DING!"?
I can ask.

love the halls of the dead feature. Screenshots soon?
That was a wish list feature we mentioned at BlizzCon right? Don't know if it'll make it. It's on the list.

Is there going to be as much incentive to sit around and MF for 14 hours at a time? Or is the end game plan more WoWesque?
It will be similar to D2, but emphasis is off boss runs and on exploring the world.

can you play Diablo 3 offline?

Honest question, why did you guys change so much of the game a few weeks ago? Why did Blizz find it necessary?
Hopefully the blog and subsequent forum posts explained why? Bottom line is because we believe they'll make a better game.

as somone who hasn't played the first 2 will it be easy to understand the story of this one?
No matter what it's going to be a fun story. If you've played the others you'll get something extra, if not, you'll seek it out.

Aside from being able to slow down to enjoy the lore, are there any drawbacks (in regards to the story) to playing solo vs co-op?
We hope not, we've worked really hard to try to ensure co-op is nothing but bonuses and awesomeness.

in a party, if people are skipping loot barrels and side rooms, do you lose xp for staying back and exploring?
You need to be within range (screen and a half or so) to be counted for drops or experience.

Do you recommend I go back and play the first two games (+expansion), or does Diablo 3's story stand well enough on its own?
I think you can find some good story recaps (if anyone has link pls share) that it'd be pretty easy to catch yourself up.

General Beta Questions
any idea when more beta invites will go out?
We don't really plan it out like that, it's more a symptom of seeing how many people are playing and seeing if need more.

Any plans for contests for beta keys for people outside the states? (Latinamerica)
Yup, but I'll let them tell you about it. :)

will we be seeing any runestones or gems in beta?
Extremely unlikely. The point of the beta is to test the service, patcher, launcher, and hardware compatibility.

How close to the date of release should we expect the Diablo III, beta to run?
That's a good question. I don't think we exactly know. Pretty close.

when does beta testing end?
sometime before release.

Any ETA on news about the EU beta? Will the EU beta be the final phase/part of testing?
Not yet. No.

As a beta member, is there any other content we will be testing, runes/jeweler etc?
Negatory. There will be some skill and class changes, items, but you'll be level 13 until the game releases. :) / Chat
I have a question about friends and chat in D3. Is it possible to add someone to a friends list? Also, is there a global chat?
Yes there's multiple different types of friends lists. Global chat like you want to spam all your friends? :) no.

any plans for any guild/clan features?
We'd love to offer some kind of support for social groups, but it's on a wish list at the moment.

Similar to WoW and SC2 will Diablo III have real ID compatibility. (Can i chat from WoW witha friend on Diablo III.) If not when!
You can!

could you elaborate a bit mor on why exactly blizzard thinks that a general open chat channel like inn D2 or SC1 is a bad idea?
The good is minuscule compared to the bad, and we have to actually support these things...

Is there a voice chat feature built into D3, or are outside sources required?
There is no built in voice chat, at least not for ship. If we try voice chat in another game we want to make sure its worth using

What % will you guys take from real money action house?
That's a good question, I actually don't know. % is only on cash out though, or commodity/stackable item sales.

do I need to pay any tax on my monthly paypal earnings from the sale of in game items? Any other options than paypal?
I believe that's between you and the IRS? PayPal is what we're focusing on for NA and some other regions.

Can paypal unsupported countries use the rmah ? Is blizzard usiing any other web-based payment besides paypal ?
I believe we'll be providing more info about regional options once they're ready. To be honest I don't know specifics

Is it possible to post gold/real money on the auction house to be bought with real money/gold respectively
You can put up gold to be bought with currency, yes.

Will the dyecolor stay on a item when we sell them on RMAH or GAH and if so will ther be any indicator that its dyed with a color
Good question. I believe it stays, I don't believe it's indicated.

Why did you guys remove scrolls of identification? Simplicity sake? Also, why can you change skills anywhere now?
We didn't really feel like they added anything, except to take away inventory space.

is the + attack on weps/gear a bug or is it in the poll of random affixes
Sounds like a bug...

In the game guide some weapons have a range of values for min and max dmg (2-3)-(4-5) dmg for ex. Can the values be non-integers?
Nah, whole numbers is sexier.

How does crafting work?
It's a bit complex to describe in 140 characters. You already read the artisan section on the website?

Kidding aside, thanks for everything! Could you tell us how the legendary weapons are coming along and if they will be in the beta?
Quite well. I don't think we drop any more until later in Act 1. Probably not.

Does the current list of items on the D3 website give all the items we can expect to see on release? Are there going to be more?
No, no, no, the website has very few items. We'll update it when we get close to release.

With you taking out the scrolls do you have any plans to put them back in maybe as like purchasable pet like in WoW maybe?
We didn't remove them so we could charge people for them later, if that's your question. :)

Why the massive disparities in starting armor for some of the classes for male/female? EX: Sorcerer/ess
Likely one was revised and the other wasn't. (bug) A bug report or other written feedback would help.

with pets been taken out of the game is there any plans of the use of the models or will they just return to wild life in game?
I believe they'll be freeze-dried until later.

Is it possible you can make the CE wings dyeable? I know they're an inventory item. It would just be cool!!!
No, they're the single amazingly cool color they already are. :)

Release/Game Client Information
why isnt it out yet? :P (seriously!)
Still working on it!

Is there any bonus to pre-release bonus to pre-ordering the CE?
I'm not aware of any pre-order bonuses... We usually don't do those.

Is there going to be a pre-release download, so people can start playing as soon as servers go up? Including ppl on annual pass
We plan to have a digital download people can grab so they're ready to go right at midnight.

Will there be official midnight launch events globally? (and if so, could you make it to London's?)
We tend to have midnight launch events, no announcements until we know when the game will launch. :)

Are the Pre-Orders for Diablo 3 CE by Walmart, Gamestop, etc legit?
I would assume so. I'm not sure how those work, I'd guess they have to work off a unit estimate?

How much earlier will people get to pre-order/pre-load the game direct from the Blizzard site to release?
I'm not sure, Cataclysm seemed to go well. Probably something like that.

Pre-order CE online when it becomes available in the UK, or wait for midnight launch?
If you want a CE I think you better have pre-ordered back when we announced it.

what were the core changes that pushed the release back? I never heard what they were
Check but we're still just not done with the game.

Fun/misc/Ask Bashiok
any word on a new Blizzcast?
The delay kinda threw us off. We'll get back on track...

¿Is true that your first champion is a barbarian and his name is Chuk Norris? Thanks 4 all BRO!
Wrong! Female barb named Snusnu.

are you an achievement mob in game? How well are the recent major game changes playing out?
Bashiok is a named champion, yes. Prepare your steel and sorcery!

how do i use the Diablo 3 forums ? it says I need a Wow account ? mine is frozen, and I have D2/D2_expansion?
You'll need an active WoW sub, StarCraft II license, or DIII beta license.

What is your personal favorite class in D3?
I have no idea any more... Right now I'm seriously considering leading with a witch doctor.

My wife wants to know how much sleep everyone at Blizzard is averaging trying to get this game out to demanding people like me...
Hah! It's a lot of long hours and weekend work days, and has been for a while... but we have fun. :)

Can I have your autograph?
Sure. -bashiok

Will you do a AMA on sometime?
I don't know. Maybe!

Is there going to be a monster in the game named Bashiok? Also will Rakanishu and Bishbosh be returning?
Yes. Well... I don't know. Those guys are dead...

How many times have you played through the campaign?
From start to finish with one character? :X never...

If Diablo got a puppy, what breed would it be?
hellhound? There's some lame Popsicle stick joke there somewhere, but I can't find it.

if Diablo, Mephisto and Baal were in a room... and their was 3 Apples... how many would each get?
Diablo would get all three. One for each mouth.

What character have you spent the most time playing and in which difficulty have you/do you play the most?
Barbarian the most for sure, and Normal the most by far.

id you ever seriously discuss about broadcasting a super bowl commercial?
I doubt it.

do you guys make jokes about "soon" internally as much as the community does or is it a taboo topic at blizzard.
It's not taboo, but kind of old so not really funny either. :)

Achievement Issues
The issue currently effecting achievements for some is known by blizzard.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hi everyone,

I haven't been commenting on the many threads that have been created on achievement issues because I wanted to be sure that it was a general issue and not just an achievement-specific issue.

This is to let you know that we are aware of the issue causing earned achievements to not always fire and appear missing on your achievement panel. I do not know when this is going to be fixed, nor do I know if this is a server issue or an issue that will require a client patch.

Thank you for your patience with this, and please continue to enjoy the Beta


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