Patch 12 Incoming - Patch 12 Notes, Your thoughts on beta, Blue Posts

Update: Servers are online and Updated with today's news
Update: Added patch 12 notes

Patch 12 Notes
Blizzard has just released the patch notes for another very small bug fix patch.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Diablo III Beta Patch 12 – v.
Released 2/3/2012
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed even more game and service crashes

Patch 12 - Server Maintenance
Servers will be down for about 3 hours while blizzard deploys a new bug fix patch

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We're in the process of preparing the Diablo III test server for maintenance to deploy the next beta patch. We anticipate the service will be down for approximately 3 hours, until 2:00 p.m. PST.

This is a relatively small patch containing only a few minor crash fixes. As always, though, patch notes will be posted to the launcher and this forum once the patch is live.

Your Beta Thoughts
As you know over 100k beta keys were sent out two days ago. This means a lot of you have now played through your very first run of the beta! We want to know your thoughts! Tell us what you favorite part was! Did anything surprise you? Did something make you want the game even more than before? Tell us in the comments and include any screenshots if you like!

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

More on Beta Wave
The recent beta invites were for North American players only as we’re still heavily interested in server performance, and inviting local, low-latency testers is important to achieve the results we need. While we absolutely want to continue to bring in players from around the globe, our intent is always going to be to do what best serves our testing requirements.

So while there may not be any beta invites in this wave for the EU, we will have more information in the following weeks about the global giveaways as well as for regional betas for you. Keep your eyes on the Diablo III front page and forums for this upcoming awesomeness! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Beta to Retail Saves
Beta characters and achievements will not carry over to the final game. When Diablo III launches it will be a clean slate for everyone.
If it helps, you can blame it on the Lord of Terror. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch Notes
If we make visible gameplay or UI changes, we'll definitely note them. Same for notable bug fixes, too.

The difference with the last two patches, however, is that they've only really included fixes for crashes that are relatively minor or simply affect a small percent of the beta population. The fixes themselves are pretty technical (as are the crashes), so that's why we made a more generic statement like the above.

This is pretty standard and you may see more patch notes like this in the future (if a patch happens to contain similar fixes and nothing else).

We'll detail fixes we feel have an impact on gameplay, are meaningful to players, or could use additional testing, absolutely (we've done it in previous patches). On top of that, if we think a specific fix could use a bit more visibility and/or feedback, we'll sometimes call it out with a forum post, too.

The fixes that went with in patch 11 and 12, while worth noting that they occurred, were really minor in the end, as well as highly technical, so we chose to do a general call-out. This is fairly common for beta patches (though not for live patches).

That said, I totally understand why you'd like the extra information and will definitely pass that feedback along. :)

What about the firebat, disintegrate, and rapidfire spells breaking the game bug?
I'll check on this for you. Either way, this is a fix that would merit a separate patch note line. If it was missed with this patch, I'll be sure to amend the notes appropriately. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


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