Tooltip Options, Updated Login Screen, Blue Posts, and 15 Anniversary Party

Tooltip Toggle Option
Lylirra commented further that they are dicucssing the option of including a toggleable advance tooltip option as well as trying to clarify the possibility of the advanced tooltips to users.

Official Blizzard Quote:

To follow up on a couple of things that I said I would in this thread:
  • We're looking into adding a toggle option for Advanced/Simplified tooltips. We don't know when or if this feature will make into the beta, but it is an option we want to include.
  • We like Simplified tooltips being enabled by default, but agree that finding out how to view Advanced tooltips currently isn't very clear. We don't think it's a bad idea to provide instructions through some sort of hint or loading screen tip and are considering adding something to that effect in the future.
  • Simplified tooltips have been adopted in the Game Guide. For each class, Simplified tooltips will display on in the Active Skills page. Individual skill pages, though (ex: Bash), will display the Advanced tooltip.

When It's Ready
Bashiok replied to some concerns about some issues with patch 10 and the overall quality of the game.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Contrary to popular belief we absolutely want to release games. When we say "we won't release a game until we think it's ready" that means we're going to make sure the systems are solid, and it's as bug free and stable as we can realistically expect of ourselves.
Ideas about design, our experience, player tastes and technology never stop moving forward, so when we refer to our game development process it doesn't mean we'll actually keep developing a game forever to have anything and everything we can ever imagine in it. We're going to at some point have to say "this is it" and get it into your hands.

The beta is privy to many in-process changes. If we made every beta patch perfect before releasing we'd be here for years. Part of the beta process is pushing out a build because you need X feature tested, and we don't care if Y and Z aren't done yet.

Diablo 3 Updated Login Screen
The Diablo 3 Login screen got an update with patch 10. It's also worth noting that with patch 10, your account name will once again be saved!

Blue Posts
Clarification on some affix and stat properties were answered today including a few question by Doomscream, as well as a couple questions of nastalgia.

Official Blizzard Quote:

I can say with unequivocal certainty that nobody and I mean nobody picked up every gold drop in diablo 2 multiplayer. NO ONE did it. I myself left at least 98% of the gold I saw on the ground and just ran past it.
You did, everyone did, until they realized it wasn't worth anything. You left it on the ground for that reason, not because it required a click to pick it up. If it was worth something or even helpful you'd absolutely have picked it up.

You'll want to pick it up in Diablo III, and you don't even have to click on it. You just have to run sort of near it.

Sorry, but we just don't agree that this is an issue. Picking items up off the ground (especially something that's done automatically for you like gold...) is the point of the game.

Lets be honest here, that gold affix radius is a waste of space and it's only impacting other items in a negative way.
It's definitely something different, but we thought we'd at least try it out. It may not stick. (Tracker/Forums)

There should be a WIzard passive which converts a percentage amount of str to intel for the melee wizard builds. Yes/No? :P
Melee weapons can roll Int on them. Not sure that's necessary?

So...uhm... I was more eager to know if there are any changes to the gems coming after the stats revision?
We're still working on adding affixes, cutting ones that don't work, and testing. No major changes for gems, though.

Most people think that after the Mystic is gone, some enchants might transform into gem effects.
Oh right, uh, as far as I know the mystic enchants are just being put into the item affix pool, not gems. Might change. (Source)

Can we have the original TP sound effect ?
This is actually something we're looking into. :)

Bring back Exocet font for Diablo 3!
This font, while awesome, can be pretty difficult to read, especially against certain textures and colors. We've preserved its legacy in key places throughout the game, but ultimately we prefer a cleaner-looking font face for item names. (Tracker/Forums)

Blizzard's Diablo Anniversary Party
Today was Blizzard's party to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Diablo franchise.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo was released December 31, 1996. 2011 - 1996 = 15. Our company party is only a month late. :)
Diablo 15 anniversary celebration today at Blizzard. BBQ, beer, bears, beets... Battlestar Galactica.


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