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Diablo 3 Completed Quest UI Update
One of the many updates with patch 10 was the change to the quest reward screens. They now display the quest icon in the window. The Jar of Souls and The Matriarch's Bones quest screens currently do not have graphics. Thanks to apoc for helping with the graphics!

Diablo 3 Tooltip Graphic Update
Some tooltips have a new background graphic as shown below.

Diablo 3 Monster Types
Nine "Monster Types" have been added to the beta in patch 10. Monster types can be seen under a monsters health bar. - Undead Undead, - Demon Demon, - Beast (class) Beast (class), - Human Human, Breakable, Scenery, Ally, Team, Helper

North America Will Be One Region, No USEast/USWest Split
We got confirmation today that Diablo 3 will not be split up into a USWest and USEast like Diablo 2 was. This comes as both good and bad news to some. While you no longer have to worry about being split up from online friends. This means you will only be able to have 10 characters for the NA region (instead of 10 for west and east)

Official Blizzard Quote:

There will be the North America region. No plans for a split like that.

More On Attribute Changes
Today we got some more information on the attribute changes that went live in patch 10.

Official Blizzard Quote:

This decision to change the core attributes and stats doesn't limit build diversity because the same stats exist on items as before. If you wanted precision, now you want +crit, if you wanted defense, now you should aim to get armor. It is the same concept for all stats, if you wanted attack, just go for your core class stat.
What this change is intended to do is increase the item pool by making more items that are clearly not for your character, and subsequently making it easier for you to be able to determine if you should be using an item or not :) If you are a Wizard and get an item with Strength on it, you know immediately that this item is not really for you. It used to be that you would be sitting there analysing an item with +attack for a good 10 seconds or more only to figure out that it's a bad item for you, but now it should only take a few moments to decide this.
We assure you though; this change will not affect the amount of build diversity in the game :)

There's a resist stat for physical now. Same as cold, fire, poison, holy, etc. Defense became Armor. Armor became +physical resist. (source)

More On Simplified Skill Tooltips
We also got some more information on the simple skill tooltips today.

Official Blizzard Quote:

As things are right now, advanced tooltips becomes available when pressing down the control button. However, the request for a toggle option between advanced and simple tooltip defaults have been forwarded to the developers, so there is indeed a chance that we might see such an option in the future.

The "easy to learn, hard to master" design philosophy is one we have been happy with for quite a while, and with Diablo III we would like to maintain a strong and immediate focus on getting into the gameplay right from the start.

We feel that the best way to achieve this is to make the game quick to pick up and fun to play straight out of the box, and by offering short and clear descriptions, and not too many numbers, we hope to avoid confusion and irritation. Simplified tooltips are more helpful for the novice player to learn and play the game, and for the more experienced players, they help to quickly differentiate between abilities.

We do of course realise that there are those who prefer the advanced tooltips over the simplified ones, and we are also very much aware that there are those who simply want as much information available as possible without any filters. We acknowledge this, and we do of course want to find good ways to cater to these wishes as well.

In order to present more detailed Diablo III data and information, we are looking into the possibilities for creating a web page similar to what we see with the D2 Arreat Summit (http://classic.battl...batskills.shtml). Having such a page for Diablo III would allow us to provide more organised content, and it would also allow us to provide more timely content. For an example, if we would make a hotfix, we would be able to get that updated information up on the web page immediately, whereas the game client would require a patch before the tooltip can be updated.


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