Wizard Wave of Force Runed, Poll Recap, and Curse Weekly Update

Wizard - Wave of Force
Today, we would like to showcase the first looks at the Wizard's Wave of Force ability with all five runes. Disclaimer: Please keep in mind some effects or graphics may be missing or not be working correctly!

Poll Recap - What class will be on top for PvP?
Continuing with out recap of the polls we highlighted, we would like to show the results of the "What class will be on top for PvP" poll. Blizzard has already said that 'perfect' balance will not be a goal of theirs. However, this does not mean PvP will be completely broken and one class will be able to kill the other four classes. But which one will stay on top? The majority of the voters tend to think the massive AoE destruction of the Wizard will best the rest. However, the melee abilities of both the Monk and the Barbarian will also be able to hold their own. It is really the Demon Hunter and the Witch Doctor that most users think will just not be able to defeat the other classes.

Beta Screenshots
The ground lights up in our first screenshot of a DiabloWiki.com - Wizard Wizard surrounded by a hored of DiabloWiki.com - Ravenous Dead Ravenous Dead. Next, we have some Wizard and Wizard action fighting against the unique DiabloWiki.com - Lloigor the Crazed Lloigor the Crazed after refusing his one gold bribe. Concluding, lightning surrounds the Wizard in an after mass of destruction of DiabloWiki.com - electrified electrified champions.

Curse Weekly Roundup
We all know Diablo is not the only game everyone out there is playing, especially considering the limited beta invites. So, we have this week's Curse Weekly Roundup to inform you guys on the happenings of some other games.


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