Beta Contest, Acid Cloud Runed, Blue Posts, Lore, and Screenshots

Beta Contest - Round 4
BlizzardCS beta contest continues on to round 4. If you would still like a chance to win a beta key, make sure to get your submissions in soon.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Round 4 of the #DiabloBeta sweepstakes ends Monday 1/16/12 @ 11:59pm PST. Get your entry in today! Details here:

Witch Doctor - Acid Cloud Runed
While some of you may have seen these already, we wanted to share with you the Witch Doctor's Acid Cloud runed. The Obsidian rune is not featured. Disclaimer: Please keep in mind some effects or graphics may be missing or not be working correctly!

Blue Posts
Bashiok replied to a couple of questions asked on Twitter.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Are there anymore updates to the battletag system?

They'll be coming soon. The current restrictions are most definitely unintended. (Source)

Will Gheed or gambling be making a return in Diablo 3?

Neither. Although crafting has enough randomization that it's pretty close to D2 gambling. (Source)

In regards to Inferno, will we have to go through the whole game another time, or can we start farming anywhere, such as Act IV?

You will. Current design is that it will not all be available at the start, it will function like previous difficulties. (Source)

What happened to the BlizzCasts, it's been quite some time since the last one? Can we expect new episodes?

Hrm that's true. We were planning to have one for the #D3 release. We all now where that is... :) (Source)

Diablo Lore - Part 3
Force has just posted his final episode of his Diablo lore series. In this final video, Force recaps the events that unfold during Diablo II. If you are new to the series and would like to know the story leading up to Diablo III or need a refresher from the 12 year old game, watch this amazing summary. With some fan art and great narration, watch as Diablo II's story is reshared. You can also check outs parts one & two in case you have missed them.

Beta Screenshots
In the first screenshot we have a - Wizard Wizard about to save the - Templar Templar from a group of Cultists. In the second screenshot, a - Monk Monk is in the midst of a battle against a rare monster with a Molten afffix, causing the pools of fire on the floor that the Monk must avoid. Finally, we have a Wizard fighting - Chancellor Eamon Chancellor Eamon, the spirit protecting King Leoric's Crown.


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