No Release Date Yet, Beta Key Contest Round 3, More On Consoles, Explosive Blast Runed

Diablo 3 - "High Level Meeting" and No Release Date
Yesterday, Zarhym confirmed there was a high level meeting for Diablo 3. Though there are lots of rumors going around on what this meeting may have been about, nothing has been confirmed! However, today Zarhym posted on twitter saying at this time they still do not have a release date set.

Official Blizzard Quote:

This meeting's high-level shit, yo. Gettin' all professional up in this bitch.

It better be D3 related!!!
It is!(source)

say something to community to stop this "no release date" madness. You are CMs! Commuticate with us!
We don't have anything to communicate that'll make you happy. No set release date yet. Them's the facts.(source)

As I recall, you announced Starcraft 2 8 weeks before you actually released the game.
There'll be lead time. Not sure how much. I've been working on the promo material (a la Your Fortune Awaits / Join the Dominion). (source)

We use target dates, but obviously have missed some. We won't announce a date until we're sure it's g2g. ;) (source)

Beta Key Contest - Round 3
BlizzardCS has begun the third round of their Twitter beta key give away. If you would like a chance to enter and win a Diablo III beta key, you can find all of the conest info here.

Official Blizzard Quote:

All messaging for the 3rd round winners of the #DiabloBeta Sweepstakes has been sent out at this time. Congratulations to the winners!

PC/Mac Still Top Priority
While it has been mentioned over and over again, Bashiok reconfirmed that the "announcement" of the console version of Diablo III will not effect the work and release of the PC/Mac version. A few sites such as kotaku have reached out to blizzard about this as well.

Official Blizzard Quote:

"Yup" wasn't meant to be an announcement. We're still exploring a console version, but more importantly working on the PC/Mac version.

Official Blizzard Quote:

I reached out to Blizzard for clarification, and received the following from a company representative:
"Bashiok's response on Twitter was intended as a confirmation that we're actively exploring the possibility of developing a console version of Diablo III, as we've mentioned in the past. This is not a confirmation that Diablo III is coming to any console platform. Our focus right now is on finishing the PC/Mac version of Diablo III and making sure it's a worthwhile successor to the Diablo series."

Wizard - Explosive Blast Runed
With this video, we would like to show you a first look at the runed versions of the Wizard's - Explosive Blast Explosive Blast. As always, please keep in mind some effects or graphics may be missing or not be working correctly!


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