Diablo 3 on Consoles, Electrocute Runed, New Game System Info Soon, Diablo 3 Comic

Diablo 3 and Consoles
We already knew blizzard has been actively seeking new workers for the Diablo console project. A recent tweet from bashiok has once again confirmed this, along with informing us of who the projects lead designer is.

Wizard - Electrocute Runed
Today we have the Wizard's DiabloWiki.com - Electrocute Electrocute spell runed (Minus the Alabaster rune). As always please keep in mind some effects or graphics may be missing or not be working correctly!

New Info Coming In the Next Few Weeks
It looks like we will not have to wait to long to get information on the new game systems blizzard has been working on. Bashiok replied on twitter saying we should see some new information in the next few weeks.

Official Blizzard Quote:

What are some of the features that you guys are working on? What could possibly be holding Diablo 3 back? Just really curious haha
We'll be sharing some of it in the next couple weeks.

Diablo 3 Comic
chewingfat came out awhile back with a short comic titled "scroll of companion".


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