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Diablo 3 South Korea Rating
It looks like this hot topic might be settling down come next week. posted a quick article given us a little bit of information on the second delay of the South Korea rating for Diablo 3. It looks like we should have answer by January 4th.

The endless saga of the rating of Diablo III in South Korea continues. Several local news sources reported today that the final decision on the certification of the game has been delayed for the second time, as representatives of the Korean Game Rating Board explained that “a more thorough review is necessary”.

The final decision was initially delayed a few days before Christmas, as the Game Rating Board requested Blizzard to submit more information about the real money auction house that will be included in the game.
According to the legal consultants of the South Korean branch of Blizzard the game and it’s auction house don’t conflict with the rather strict regulations enforced in the Asian country, especially due to changes made to the system after the first delay, but the second delay seems to indicate that a problem does exist, considering that games are normally given a local rating after no more than two weeks.

A final decision is expected to come by January the 4th. It’s safe to assume that many at Activision Blizzard will wait for that date quite anxiously, considering that the Korean market is extremely profitable for them.

New Unique Flavor Text
It looks like some more uniques got flavor text with patch 8. Here is the full list.

  • - Wizardspike Wizardspike - The energies of forbidden magics course through this blade.
  • - Thunderfury ThunderfuryThe son of Al'Akir wielded this mighty weapon during his ill fated battle with the Lord of Fire.
  • Unique_Sword_1H_019 Griswold labored and studied for years to devise the perfect sword. Sadly, he died a horrible death before he himself could forge it.
  • - Blackguard Blackguard The power of this sword drove the warrior Rothat to unspeakable acts.
  • - Longshot Longshot Many a hero has wielded this bow through many an age, and the tales sung of it can be heard from one end of the world to the other.
  • - The Raven's Wing The Raven's Wing The spirit of the raven is contained within this bow. Its arrows fly straight and true, and strike with unmatched ferocity.
  • - Balance Balance "We must walk the middle way between chaos and order, and not allow our emotions to sway us." — Tenets of the Veradani
  • - Calamity Calamity Slender and refined, this weapon is the antithesis of a traditional, rough-hewn and unwieldy crossbow. Obviously the result of loving craftsmanship by a master armsmaker.
  • - Unending War Unending WarOnly the dead have seen the end of war.
  • - Things of the Deep Things of the Deep A terrifying being spawned from the primordial depths. To gaze upon it is enough to drive one mad. Currently disguised as a frog.
  • - Broken Crown Broken Crown The ancient crown of Rakkis, first ruler of Westmarch.
  • - Giant Skull Giant Skull Rethald boasted he could control any demon he summoned. This is the skull of the one that ate him.
  • - The Helm of Command The Helm of Command Worn by General Raylend while he stormed Yshrald's fortress during the War of the Hounds.
  • - Frostburn Gauntlets Frostburn Gauntlets These gauntlets drain the warmth from anything they touch.
  • - Pendergrasps Pendergrasps Only the wisest adventurer is fit to don these powerful gauntlets.
  • - Tasker and Theo Tasker and Theo All that was left of the hound master were these gloves. He died fighting beside his favorite dog, just the way he would have wanted it.
  • - Gladiator Gauntlets Gladiator Gauntlets Worn by the combatants in the arenas of Emperor Vaught.
  • - Ice Climbers Ice Climbers Worn by the famous explorer Theradonn, known for his sunny disposition.
  • - Heart of Iron Heart of Iron It is said that those who wear this breastplate will display extraordinary valor in even the direst of circumstances.
  • - Gehennas Gehennas These pants are the result of an unfortunate bargain struck between the demon Skelon and an unwitting human.
  • - Split Tusk Split Tusk Carved to evoke the power of the great tusked pack beasts of the Teganze.
  • - Tiklandian Visage Tiklandian Visage The fierce visage of Enobakhare, the spirit father of the small remote village of Tiklan.
  • - Visage of Giyua Visage of Giyua It is said that when a spirit passes from this life, it is greeted by the eternal Giyua, the guardian of the Unformed Land.
  • - The Grin Reaper The Grin Reaper Death wears many faces.
  • - The Swami The Swami Bestows upon the wearer both formidable power and an unsurpassed statement of fashion.
  • - Storm Crow Storm Crow "When the sky was torn from the sea, Storm Crow appeared from within the thundering clouds to grant mankind dominion over the living flame." — Legends of the Forgotten World
  • - Cape of the Dark Night Cape of the Dark Night "Those who seek to do evil are a cowardly and superstitious lot." — Demon hunter Bayne
  • - Beckon Sail Beckon Sail Favored by those who do their fighting in the underworld.
  • - The Inquisitor The Inquisitor No spawn of Hell can hide from the gaze of the Inquisitor, no matter what form it takes.
  • - Wanderlust Wanderlust The road goes ever on...
  • - Mempo of Twilight Mempo of Twilight The helmet of the last of the honor-bound warriors. He roamed the far east long ago and lived and died by his code of honor.
  • - Robes of the Rydraelm Robes of the Rydraelm The Rydraelm, a shadowy group of mages, concerned itself with the most arcane forms of magic until its mysterious and grisly demise.
  • - Screaming Chain Screaming Chain The primal force of a thousand screaming souls calls forth from this ring.
  • - Band of Fallen Heroes Band of Fallen Heroes The names of those who have given their lives to fight the scourge of the Burning Hells are inscribed on this band, each one giving its power to the wearer.
  • - Seven Sins Seven Sins The alchemist Lyekurn spent many years formulating the exact shape and nature of this armor so that it would draw upon the power of Fetlock, yet keep the wearer safe from his corrupting influence.
  • - Aquila Cuirass Aquila Cuirass Ceremonial armor commemorating the chieftain Ghaold's victory over the wild men from the east.
  • - Born's Carapace Born's Carapace This armor is designed after that worn by the famed warrior Born, who was known to rush headlong into battle against superior numbers with no thought for his own safety.
  • - Born's Seething Rage Born's Seething Rage Born often carried the day on nothing more than his unrelenting fury.
  • - Born's Pauldrons Born's Pauldrons Many have tried and failed to duplicate the subtle qualities of Born's intricate armor until now.
  • - Cain's Laurel Cain's Laurel This laurel represents the wisdom of the scholar Deckard Cain.
  • - Cain's Robes Cain's Robes Inspired by Deckard Cain's Horadric robes, these pants are perfect for those who, like Cain, have dedicated themselves to eradicating the demons's threat from this world.
  • - Cain's Slippers Cain's Slippers Deckard Cain spent the last twenty years of his life traveling the world, in search of information needed to defeat the Lords of Hell.
  • - Cain's Warmers Cain's Warmers These wrappings are covered with Horadric symbols and runes, and are perfect for keeping your arms warm while you search for elusive arcane knowledge.
  • - Captain Crimson's Deck Boots Captain Crimson's Deck Boots Captain Crimson, scourge of the Twin Seas, claimed his numerous victories were the result of sensible — yet fashionable — footwear.
  • - Captain Crimson's Brace Captain Crimson's Brace Patterned after the famed belt where Captain Crimson buckled his swash.
  • - Captain Crimson's Codpiece Captain Crimson's Codpiece Captain Crimson was known for his flamboyant dress, particularly his prodigious codpiece.
  • - Aughild's Triumph Aughild's Triumph Aughild was the only warlord to successfully lay siege to Entsteig. But, in the end, it proved to be his undoing.
  • - Aughild's Demands Aughild's Demands Aughild had 50 demands that had to be met before he would spare the lives of the nobles. Those demands are written in the wrappings of these bracers.
  • - Aughild's Vestments Aughild's Vestments Aughild's vestments were originally crafted to reflect both his savagery and his nobility.
  • - Aughild's Brow Aughild's Brow A detailed recreation of the ceremonial helmet Aughild used when he was crowned king of Entsteig.
  • - Guardian's Watch Guardian's Watch Fashioned after the helmet of the notorious Guardian, which was made to protect his mind from those that would try to subvert it.
  • - Guardian's Bands Guardian's Bands The enigmatic sorcerer known only as the Guardian was convinced the world would one day turn against magic users, and he prepared himself accordingly.
  • - Guardian's Scabbard Guardian's Scabbard Many believe the symbol emblazoned on the Guardian's scabbard represents a brotherhood he founded to implement his unfathomable plans.
  • - Asheara's Cradle Asheara's Cradle Asheara envisioned this armor as a testament to the might of the Iron Wolves.
  • - Asheara's Vigilance Asheara's Vigilance Asheara vows that no harm will ever befall one who is under the sworn protection of her Iron Wolves.
  • - Asheara's Clasp Asheara's Clasp These gloves represent the unspoken bond between Asheara and her mercenaries.
  • - Asheara's Lock Asheara's Lock The Iron Wolves have traveled far and done much in the last twenty years. From the docks of Kurast to the palaces of Caldeum, they upheld their duty until they were driven from the emperor's side by the Imperial Guard.
  • - Demon's Flesh Demon's Flesh Patterned after the work of Sulam, the armorer who followed in the path of the warrior Myrdgar and collected the skins of fallen demons in order to craft a nearly impenetrable suit of armor.
  • - Demon's Cage Demon's Cage Sulam had a vision of creating a suit of armor, crafted from the flesh of demons, in order to use their power against them.
  • - Demon's Wings Demon's Wings Sulam knew that encountering armor made from the flesh of their fallen brethren would infuriate the demons, and this brought him great joy.
  • - Demon's Binding Demon's Binding The original version of this belt was composed of the flesh and teeth of five different demons.
  • - Demon's Manacles Demon's Manacles Sulam met an unfortunate end when he tried to harvest the flesh of a demon that was not actually dead. He was never able to complete this, the last piece of his set. Fortunately he left the plans for its construction.
  • - Sage's Grasp Sage's Grasp Patterned after Imris's unique circle of protection, which was powered by his own magic to not only ward off attackers but also strengthen his mind.
  • - Sage's Seekers Sage's Seekers The ancient sage Imris crafted the original version of these boots to protect him while he traveled the world, seeking a way to retune the Worldstone to restore the power of the nephalem.
  • - Sage's Stones Sage's Stones Imris designed these gloves to help him channel the awesome forces at his command.
  • - Hallowed Avenger Hallowed Avenger (hand crossbow) An angelic weapon re-forged to suit the needs of a hero wielding the powers of the nephalem.
  • - Hallowed Touch Hallowed Touch An angelic weapon re-forged to suit the needs of a hero wielding the powers of the nephalem.
  • - Hallowed Sacrifice Hallowed Sacrifice An angelic weapon re-forged to suit the needs of a hero wielding the powers of the nephalem.
  • - Hallowed Avenger Hallowed Avenger (mighty weapon) An angelic weapon re-forged to suit the needs of a hero wielding the powers of the nephalem.
  • - Hallowed Rod Hallowed Rod An angelic artifact re-forged to suit the needs of a hero wielding the powers of the nephalem.
  • - Hallowed Barrier Hallowed Barrier Based upon a damaged angelic shield recently unearthed and subsequently identified as dating from the very earliest days of the world.
  • - Hallowed Divide Hallowed Divide This axe derives its awesome and majestic power from the High Heavens.

New Rare Follower Prefixes
The following 20 rare prefixes appeared in patch 8. Though we know followers can equip amulets, this might mean amulets that have follower specific prefixes can drop.

  • Amulet001 Token
  • Amulet002 Legacy
  • Amulet003 Loyalty
  • Amulet004 Faithful
  • Amulet005 Honor
  • Amulet006 Companion, Beguiling
  • Amulet007 Devotion
  • Amulet008 Follower, Entrancing
  • Amulet009 Patron, Fascinating
  • Amulet010 Adjunct
  • Amulet011 Cohort
  • Amulet012 Squire
  • Amulet013 Confidant, Forefathers'
  • Amulet014 Disciple, Councilor's
  • Amulet015 Prize
  • Amulet016 Praise
  • Amulet017 Virtue
  • Amulet018 Idol
  • Amulet019 Adept
  • Amulet020 Counsel

Beta Screenshots
Today we have another round of beta screenshots!


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