Monk With 'Thorns', Lore Quiz, Beta Screenshots

Monk With Thorns lolrofllol posted a unique video of the skeleton king basically killing himself while attacking his monk, bringing a fresh new way to kill the skeleton king.

The Sin War Quizzes
1. Birthright Quiz
2. Scales of the Serpent Quiz
3. The Veiled Prophet Quiz

Welcome back to the second Lore Quiz. If you missed it, you should check out the first one in the link above. Same deal as last time, five questions for each difficulty and one last tough one to round it off.

The book reference is also expanded, this time with - Scales of the Serpent Scales of the Serpent. In addition to featuring the same kind of information as last time, the important points now feature page numbers as well for easy lookup and confirmation. They've also been structured for easier perusing.

And here are the questions!

Spoiler Warning: Don't even read the questions unless you've already read, or don't care, about the books.

Here's a rundown of what the difficulties mean. Five questions for each except for master.
Easy: These questions shouldn't be impossble to answer correctly even for people who haven't read the series.
Medium: Slightly harder, these deal more with events in the book and probably require you to have read the books, though you might perhaps complete a few if you've gotten some info from forums and wikis.
Hard: These are hardcore nerd details. Unless you've scoured the books you probably can't answer these.
Master: If you nail this one, I'll be impressed. Requires cross-referencing to answer.

Here are the average scores of the five staffies who tested them for me again. One guy in particular is dragging down the score here a bit

Easy: 5/5
Medium: 1.2/5
Hard: 0.8
Master: 0/5

    [*]1: A dragon is the deity/leader of the necromancers. What's his name?
    [*]2: Who is the nephalem that guards Mount Arreat? [*]3: Which Prime Evil is the only one to make an appearance in this book?
    [*]4: Which angel, other than Inarius, do we see in this book?
    [*]5: Where is the Worldstone located?
    [*]6: What was Rathma's birthname?
    [*]7: Which of Uldyssian's followers is possessed by Lilith for most of the book?
    [*]8: What demon does Uldyssian fight during the final battle against the Triune?
    [*]9: Which of the following cities is not visited in the book: Istani, Kalinash, Partha.
    [*]10: What are the white-skinned people from around Seram and Partha called?
    [*]11: What colors are the robes of the followers of the Triune?
    [*]12: What does Trag'Oul mean?
    [*]13: Who was Uldyssian's great grandfather?
    [*]14: Tomo is a scout under Uldyssian's command. Where does he die and how?
    [*]15: Bala carries a hammer and the seeds of creation, and Dialon carries the Tablets of Order, but what does Mefis carry?
    [*]16: A spirit eminates hatred towards Serenthia and tries to kill her in the jungles. Why?

Screenshots Here are today's Diablo 3 beta screenshots, enjoy.


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