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Welcome to the new Diablofans!
By now you probably noticed that we're almost done deploying the new version of Diablofans, this is still very much a work in progress and we'll keep going around the site and fixing things left and right for the rest of the week. This design has 3 main goals:

  • Giving more space to news posts, because tiny tiny news frames don't make anyone happy.
  • Allowing users to reach the important parts of the website more easily. News + Forums + Blue Posts can all be easily accessed from the front page without scrolling.
  • Cleaning up everything, because the old design was kind of a mess.

We're not completely done yet but we reached a stage where it's good enough to go live and gather feedback and work with the community to make everything nice and pretty, feel free to point out anything missing or stupid we might have did in comments!

Blue Posts

Official Blizzard Quote:

Casters and weapon damage
We have no plans to make it so that Wizard and Witch Doctor spells will scale off of anything but weapon damage at this current point. Previously we did not have a very strong synergy between weapons and the caster classes.

We want everyone to get an awesome feeling whenever they upgrade their weapons. That is why we went in this direction; to ensure that Wizards and Witch Doctors would be greatly pleased about weapon drops, as it was not that exciting in the previous Diablo games for casters. (Official Forums)

I don't mind the sensationalism in an article but that graphic is just devoid of any attempt at being truthful. Also they don't seem to understand how percentages work.

In any case, the listing and transaction fees, which are flat fees, are being kept as low as we possibly can keep them. Right now in beta it's 0.80 'Beta Bucks' total if you list and sell an item, and it's possible it'll be around that in USD for North America at launch. We still don't know yet, though, but we're trying to keep it as low as possible. And of course keep in mind that we still intend to offer a number of free listings per week. If someone wants to just use their free listings every week, they're more than welcome to. We anticipate a lot of people will go this route as it's a no-risk situation and no fees are taken if the item doesn't sell.

People selling items beyond those free listing will indeed want to make sure their items are of a quality the market deems is worth more than the flat posting and transaction fees, and in fact the game just won't allow you to post under a certain amount. Otherwise they may want to go the gold route, build up some gold, and then sell that through the currency-based auction house.

If you do decide that your sale is something you want to cash out, a percentage will indeed be taken, but we haven't announced any details regarding what the PayPal cash out fees will be yet. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Well, I like to see great discussion and feedback on our forums here, lets provoke to you all a question since I want to see what you all think.

If you had to choose one critter-type creature to have as your companion that only has the purpose of picking up gold in a short area around you, what would you want it to be?
Lets see what you can all come up with! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Need logs for DC on Channel Spells
Hey all, Please use this thread to report disconnects caused by channeled spells post-Beta Patch 8. What I would like you all to please do is reproduce this bug and immediately copy your D3Debug.txt file to your Desktop (it is located in the main Diablo III folder). Then edit out your e-mail address and upload the D3Debug.txt file to Finally, link your file back to this thread.Thank you! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blizzard Art
Blizzard has put out four pieces of new art!


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