RMAH, Micah Whipple's Life, Contests and Blues

Real Money Auction House
The Real Money Auction House (RMAH) was introduced into the beta during beta patch 7, it allows people to sell and buy items in Diablo III for real money.

In order to buy items on the RMAH, real currency will be turned into Blizzard e-balance and for beta testing purposes, everyone in the beta was given 50 free beta bucks, a currency that is only being used to test the system. Players are currently able to both sell and buy items from each other with these beta bucks, player can also sell gold that other players can buy with beta bucks.

Players are able to buy and sell items through both bidding and buyout options, once an item is purchased, the money will automatically added to your beta bucks/cash balance of your account.

Blue Posts

Official Blizzard Quote:

Currency-Based AH now live
The currency-based auction house is now available with the release of Beta 7! This new auction house has replaced the gold one for now.

For more info and how to use the auction house, please visit: http://us.battle.net...opic/3196339628

For information on the currency-based auction house, please visit: http://us.battle.net...-12_1_2011#blog

To help us keep everything together we'd appreciate you post any and all auction house bug reports in this thread. If you have any feedback on the currency-based auction house, please visit the Beta Feedback forums.

Thank you, and happy testing! (Source - Blue Tracker)

Multiple dyes on one item
Unfortunately, placing say, red with black and gold on a single item is not possible. You will only be able to use one single dye on an item at a time. (Source - Blue Tracker)

CE item questions
  • The skull is used as something for housing your USB key. It's not necessarily practical, but I happen to think it looks wicked ;)
  • The dyes that you receive as a part of the Collectors Edition have unlimited usage, so feel free to use them as much as you want.
  • The wings are actually just an item that sits in your inventory which you can enable or disable at will. They have no timer and do not need to be equipped :) (Source - Blue Tracker)
Killed during Skeleton King
If you release your body during a boss fight and it is still in-progress when you return, you cannot enter until after the fight.

What you can do next time is wait for your partner to resurrect you by clicking on your cross without you releasing your body, or stay dead until the fight is over (Source - Blue Tracker)

A Day in the Life of CM Micah Whipple (Bashiok)
Micah has offered a view into his daily life working for Blizzard as one of their community managers. Here is just a piece of what that day looks like.

Official Blizzard Quote:

1:45 PM
We also begin collecting questions for the Diablo III design meeting tomorrow. While we're constantly emailing and chatting with the developers, we also have dedicated weekly meeting time set aside to go through community-submitted questions and to get a sense of how the players are feeling. Answers are great, but getting the devs’ candid take on design and the game allows us to actually converse with the community, and not just copy and paste answers.

Blizzard's Holiday Dessert Contest

Official Blizzard Quote:

Most people enjoy the holiday tradition of sharing a meal with family and friends -- and delicious desserts are a big part of the reason why. This year, we're hungry to see you spread holiday joy from your kitchen by cooking up sweet culinary creations -- and finishing them off with a Blizzard touch.

Simply prepare and decorate a Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo-themed dessert. Take a picture of your creative confection and submit it, and you might just find something special under your tree from Greatfather Winter!


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