Act 3 Screenshots from PC Gamer, Blue Posts

PC Gamer Magazine published a nice article on Diablo 3 along with 3 new screenshots from Act 3!

Blue Posts

Official Blizzard Quote:

Unattuned Runestones System
Currently, Blizzard is leaning towards the 'uttatuned' rune system discussed ad nauseum on the forums.
We actually have moved on from the previously discussed unattuned system. We've been trying many different ideas out, but we're not quite comfortable enough with any of them yet to invite you in and see what you think.

Let me also say that the old system wasn't broken, per-se, it just had a few issues we thought we could resolve. Runestones are a huge part of Diablo III, and we think it's worth trying out some alternatives and see if we can't improve it. But if all of our experiments fail we can easily go back to the original system, and it will still be totally awesome. (Source - Blue Tracker)

Last Facebook Beta Keys Drawing
The last drawing occurs on Monday, December 12. (Source - Blue Tracker)

Error 3003 on login
3003 means is down. (Source - Blue Tracker)

Error Code 24000 on Beta
It looks like this has not been fixed yet (as I predicted earlier this morning). For now, I would say do not use Public Games.

[...] My message was for people who can still play, I'm sorry if that wasn't clear. (Source - Blue Tracker)


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